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If the group has any spine they'll contact the DoE to inform them that the school is engaging in religious discrimination and have all of the school's Federal funding pulled (grants, stafford loans, etc).

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I've found that they can't really ban anything. it's all just a bluff. Do whatever you want. there are no consequences. everyone everywhere are cowards. No one will actually challenge you beyond a sentence or two. just be chad. you always win.

I believe I just swallowed the final pill.

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All you have to do is walk towards a soy with purpose and a strong voice and they will cower.

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you can't be chad in a lot of places because they will refuse to serve you, employ you, teach you, etc.

think about what it must be like being a teenager. they have zero choice about these masks. thats going to fuck a lot of their heads up!

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no they won't. it's a bluff. don't be afraid. my children (teens on down) don't wear masks anywhere. NO ONE WILL CALL YOU OUT. they're all cowards. if they do say something push back. they'll fold like the sacks of shit they are.

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Depends on the person. A small meek kid, yeah sure. A masculine adult they won't do anything about, soys and feminists are terrified of men.

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Leftists think that they are the keepers of morality. Murdering defenseless creatures is an act of high morality, of course

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Healy v. James says they can't do that.

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In the end times, they will call evil, good and good, evil. It's here...

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They wouldn't dare challenge them if they had superior religion: voat.co/v/Theology/4071544