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[–] ManchesterT 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Anything that was going to happen, already went down during George Floyd. Dindus don't need an excuse to rob, burn, steal, and kill.

So expect the same as what happened a few months ago. If your town or city went up in flames, arm up and stay on high alert. If you live in the suburbs or better yet, the countryside- nothing is going to happen, again.

If you do prepare, go heavy on arms, comms, and transportation. Extra groceries won't help, rioting is not a SHTF situation.

[–] Thats_not_my_dog [S] ago 

Extra groceries are gonna help if you're hungry and there is riot at your local grocery store or it has been burned down.

These communist agitators are not trying to accomplish anything they are trying to cause chaos. By preventing normies from travelling, shopping, etc, they think the people will turn in their favor so it will stop.