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I might have some Mormon relatives that I had to visit as a child. Just saying they had this thing where they always had a years supply of everything on hand. I was told it went back to the old days when they settled the Utah area and were on their own. They did it in case of catastrophic crop failure, but found it to be such a useful idea they've kept it to this day.

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They prepare because they feel it is their personal responsibility and if they need to they can help a neighbor and they both don't starve.

Responsibility, self reliance and community are lost aspects of society today.

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Correction they are inaccessible aspects in a jewish ZOG society.

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they always had a years supply of everything on hand

Being able to do important tasks when the time is right is very valuable. Bring forced to do them now because you didn't stock up is costly.

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I'm moving out of a nigger neighborhood in Commiefornia on the 31st, moving back to Texas to an area with "only" around 2% niggers (I tried to get the wife on board with going to Montana to an area with zero niggers but she doesn't like the cold, oh well), thank fuck.

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As a Texan, Welcome and howdy!

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So long as you don't bring any of the California ideas you're fleeing with you...

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I'm probably more to the right than most Texans. Also I'm not from California anyway, I just lived here for a while.

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Don't forget ammo lol

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Too late for that it seems. Guns and ammo shelves are already empty

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I've been ordering online. There's some, not much. It's expensive. I bought a pistol in 45 ACP since that was what I saw the most available.

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I'd say have something to put out fires. A big barrel of water if you can.

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They fuckers might try to go suburban. Although only for a short period of time and not here. I am in a red country in Texas. That would be a really short lived riot.

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Ever hear of Joe Horn? Texas' unofficial motto - "Don't fuck with me or my neighbor"


Not guilty!!

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Anything that was going to happen, already went down during George Floyd. Dindus don't need an excuse to rob, burn, steal, and kill.

So expect the same as what happened a few months ago. If your town or city went up in flames, arm up and stay on high alert. If you live in the suburbs or better yet, the countryside- nothing is going to happen, again.

If you do prepare, go heavy on arms, comms, and transportation. Extra groceries won't help, rioting is not a SHTF situation.

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Extra groceries are gonna help if you're hungry and there is riot at your local grocery store or it has been burned down.

These communist agitators are not trying to accomplish anything they are trying to cause chaos. By preventing normies from travelling, shopping, etc, they think the people will turn in their favor so it will stop.

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If you smoke weed get stocked up on that as well. It's about being comfortable while the world is falling down around us.

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Fuck getting comfortable. When SHTF it's kosher hunting season boys