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Like more immigration is an improvement, yes?

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That would depend on their definition of fix.

If they mean fix as in repair our economy we know this to be false. What they mean by fix is to permanently place under their control and determine all outcomes whilst minimizing descent.

Great summary too.

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As usual it's just a front so the real (((power brokers))) stay in the shadows pulling the strings, so you're right in your assessment that it is a scam but it's also to convince people of the world there's still legitimacy in the zog empire. You're probably right about the decision making and inclusion, all the participants do what they're told but probably don't understand the empire at large.

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Mass surveylence is only useful for iron fist control over a population at large. Economically however, it has no more economy creating power than any other singular techno-toy. It's not much more than an AI, with a bunch of cameras. Input photo(drivers license mug shot etc.) Press Ctrl f and search the digital image database. Your found.....

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It just does

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Post a link tard

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Post link or you're just a rambling schizophrenic and idgaf what you have to say