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That is not a photo of Hunter. It is a clip from a porno movie and someone posted it on 4chan because you can't see his face. You're being trolled and it does nothing positive for the message.

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I just assumed they are placeholders for when the real ones with him doing the same with an 11 year old chained to the bed in Dubai are available for peruse through.

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I'm still befuddled as to why he would keep such damaging photos of himself on his laptop to start with. As suggested by someone yesterday, I'm leaning toward them being leaked by someone else entirely from their bottomless pit of blackmail material and it would be even more damaging to make that claim so they're just rolling with the forgotten laptop story. Granted, drug addicts do stupid things, but you can't tell me that politicians don't warn their patsies not to leave incriminating evidence laying around.

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its purposeful disinfo for the hkrde of lefty debooooookers

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How did the Chinks know that this would happen three weeks ahead of us?


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I mean, I'm sure Hunter has done that before though

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you can find the original clip by searching porn hub for cocaine orgy

credit to @crensch for knowing that off the top of his head

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It's a joke, relax.

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stop spreading the cocaine ass pic its clearly not hunter biden has waaaaay tooo much hair this is purposeful debunking bait

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Back when I did coke I could never get it up when I was geeked out. I don’t know how people bang on coke.

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Exactly the only thing that I could think of was doing more blow. Although I had a room mate that would get a lot of stuff done coked out. Heck he would even eat a meal which was mind boggling.

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I got a blow job from a chick once when I was on it and all I could think was “omg stop I need to go do another line.”

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That image is not Hunter, don't post false info there's already damning enough stuff in there.

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Hahahaha wow

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Why can't these people who are clearly documented committing crimes (this drug is illegal) face any punishment ever??

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That will get him votes.

[–] ManchesterT ago 

Fake pic. Hunter doesn't have a jacked upper body

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