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  1. Choose printer very carefully...
  2. Don't bring phone!

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1a. buy random printer off craigslist

1b. buy random laptop off craigslist

1c. download libreoffice onto laptop (do not connect to your wifi, use public wifi)

1d. install libreoffice onto laptop

1e. begin martin luther activity

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We wuz Martin Luther kangz

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Photocopying the original wipes out the tracking (apart from whatever identifying characteristics the library photocopier has, check for CCTV)

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drive around your neighborhood and connect to rando printers

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What a great way to further your cause and not annoy the fuck out of people

[–] bdmthrfkr [S] 1 point 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

Post the fuck out of them guys, 10-31 is the day.

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Just don't use a printer with microdots

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cut out a stencil and spraypaint them.

[–] burl_pin ago 

do this in parallel with trending hashtag. keep it simple (easy to make stencil)

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Spraypaint leaves microdots too. /s

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Or anything made during the Trump presidency.

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wear gloves

[–] mememeyou ago 

so like a lazer printer or ribbon printer or

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Or your non-dominant hand and a sharpie. Blank paper is thankfully still just blank paper.

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This year you don't even need to wear a costume, everyone already has masks. Use plain color clothing/mask color.

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Be careful when you flyer, disguise your face and gait (put something in your shoe), paint your visible skin brown, slouch, leave your phone at home. Even more than law enforcement, you need to worry about the killer cancel cult. Carry, concealed if you choose.

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Have second BLM sign lightly taped on first one, so it falls off during the night.

[–] kishind ago 

That's good, I'm going to use that one.

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Attach phone to dog or the inactivity looks suscpiscious.

[–] kishind ago 

Not if you go out while you're normally sleeping.

[–] ArcturianDeathTrap2 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

Roomba too

[–] ArcturianDeathTrap2 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

No to something in shoe. Thats ridiculous

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They've already got gait analysis AI. They can identify you based on how you walk. Feel free to ignore any of my precautions, it's not my hide on the line.

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Am I the only one that thinks "_____ goes BRRRR" is quasi retarded at best?

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The whole idea is "I'm going to do this despite your feelings and sensibilities". Considering we're surrounded on all sides by kikes, degenerates, and niggers, who want to see us dead and demoralized, I'm happy to enable the average normie with a mindset that is unsympathetic and unapologetic to the imagined plight of the contemporary establishment.

"You're racist" "Haha swastika go brr"

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Haha, flammenwarfur goes ffffooommmm!

But sticking with the brrrrrt, let's say MP-44 goes brrrrrt.

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A solid explanation, and I thank you for that, but doesn't using such a term render YOU a "normie"? Fren is literally the furthest I'm willing to go with stupid made up phrases.

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a-10 goes brrrrr

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Why not stencil for something so simple?

[–] dampkitty ago  (edited ago)

use bitumen spray, harder to remove

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