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I hear his lawyers contacted the shop demanding the laptop back as well.

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Hunter Biden's lawyer tried to claim that the laptop was obtained illegally ... which means that they are admitting it was Hunter's laptop.

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Something is wrong. There have been threads on /pol today, with this video as central component:

https://youtu.be/8bXgULtz6cI (10 minutes, VERY interesting, although confusing, at least for me. What. The. Fuck.)

The video is from 9/30/2020, i.e. long before the bombshell drop. In it, the chinkbro explains that the three disks were originally sent to the DOJ and Nancy Lugosi for telling them that the CCP has the demonocrats in its pocket with compromat. Chinkbro predicted on 9/24/2020, when the video was apparently recorded, that the elections will have a "funny" ending. Chinkbro concludes, that for some reason, Donald Trump had copies of the disk "now". Chinkbro said that the CCP signaled to Nancy Lugosi and her Corruptinitos that they better do their best to prevent DJT to become president again. (I understand that Trump has big plans for the trade war/spying/bribing with China.)

I believed the story of the thoughtful repairito citizen, but, in the light of the statement by the chinkbro in the video, I guess it is more likely that someone in the DOJ leaked copies.

Strange: The video has been online for more than two weeks, but it took the chans two days to find the connection. Be that as it may, what is clear is that the CCP has bought and extorted US elites pretty good.