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Nobody watches TV you retarded nigger jew.

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Meanwhile about 12 people attend his rallies and 9 of them are media while 100s of 1000s per week line up in all kinds of weather to see President Trump.

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  1. People tuned out when it wasn't a town hall meeting but an unhinged lunatic attacking the president like a demon.
  2. it is already been said that libs used multiple devices to run Biden's town hall, while not actually watching them, to get the ratings up.
  3. who cares? Tv and ratings are for suckers and jews. Which one are you?

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Total lies, last I check it was 6 million for trump and 4 million for Biden. Just check the 3 networks and abc on youtube

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I'm sure I'm not the only one that watched Biden just for the fuckups

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I bet Biden regrets this.

[–] SkippyMcSkipperson ago 

Magic Man you can't say anything negative pertaining to trump on this site without getting demolished. You are shill if you don't praise the "dear leader"

[–] FreeinTX ago 

And Trump had millions more online views despite TikTok effort to help Biden.

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