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The headline is a bit misleading. It's not that there is more evidence here against Biden than existed against Trump -- it's that there is actual evidence against Biden. There was never any real evidence against Trump, not a single trace of it.

[–] Joker68 [S] ago 

Good point

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Yes, tell guiliani to stop playing games and drop the hardware now

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Ignorance of what the truth is, is FAR from stupid. We just WANT THE TRUTH. We are OWED that. It is EVIL to withhold that, because "we can't handle it" according to the media/government.

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name a national road after his late son Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III, in the village of Sojevo, Kosovo, not the USA but fucken Kosovo. Nothing wrong with Kosovo but they dont have good people who better deserve a memorial road?

[–] 587rex ago 

I’d be more concerned about the Joseph Biden rest area on the Delaware Turnpike (I-95).

[–] MysticMa ago 

Why would a foreign country name a street after Biden's expired Son??? Also that plane trip... whose DIME was that on? Personal perk... I guess. I believe there will be much more bubbling up that will shock even some libtard loons of the depth & depravity the previous administration indulged.