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And whats Trump doing about this....

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Honestly, what can he?

Imagine for a moment that the majority of the house was complacent, or involved, in an impeachment process that was to protect them and their cohorts. That's a lot of coordination, time, and money spent. The president can't unseat representatives. A legal battle can take place, but those who cover the news have shown that they are part of that same cabal. How do you expose them so that the public do something about it? Seems a herculean task.

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If the most powerful man in the known universe ever can't fix this then why bother doing anything

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imagine my shock.

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If we've always had everything then how come we didn't throw this in their face back then? Are these crooks some how shielding themselves from being monitored by the N.S.A. while the rest of us starving hard working idiots are not immune?