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"In people < 70 years,infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 0.31% with crude and corrected medians of 0.05%."


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That's getting close to the actual number of deaths from Covid-19 in the elderly. It's near zero in younger people. The only ones it kills are those so old, they are ready to shuffle into the grave. A regular cold would kill just as many, and a flu would kill more.

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What are you going to do about it?

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Well, first off realize to what extent the politicians are willing to go to stay in power. That's the first thing to do. Then hang the fuckers.

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They're not going to do shit. They're going to let the Great Reset overtake them, continue to use the Fed dollars and enslaving themselves into the corrupted financial system, and they're going to keep voting because they think that there is a meaningful difference between the two parties and that their little vote is enough to make some kind of difference.

Oh, and they'll continue to make bullshit posts like this one.

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Hey, we're busy trusting the plan. What more do you want from us!

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**Crash the global economy

**Kill off hundreds of millions in the 3rd world

**Create massive profits for big pharma, healthcare giants and IT oligopolies

**Destroy almost all small to medium size businesses and farther consolidate the global economy in what was already a hyper consolidated global economy

**Gather more govt. Power at all levels from local to global

**Humiliate, control, condition and separate people via social distancing, mandatory masks and stopping them from worshipping while you let 'protestors' burn down and tear down the country

**Make people more dependent on govt than ever but do an extemely shitty job of taking care of working people...unemployment runs out and no more stimulus while we repeatedly bail out whole industries with your tax money

**Use the global crash to pass hundreds of more anti white laws. This means less places for whites at corporate and govt jobs, less spots for whites in college, less school grants for whites. At the same time, demonize whites globally while destroying them financially and stopping them from having a road back to economic stability

**watch white males kill themselves in record numbers while you sow hateful seeds of discord between them and their families, while you work up self hate in them and disdain towards them. Drive a wedge between white males making it more difficult for them to get along and work together and make friends with one another

**Setup global economy for another massive collapse using niggers as fallguys. As IQ and cognitive and social abilities decline, govt on all levels gets worse. The only group paying more taxes than they take(white males) is forced out and the whole system collapses in on itself in the next decade or two. Whites are blamed but hate is also woeked up towards niggers and mexicans and everyone else.

**Everyone broke, stupid, hating each other and criminals. The country is broke. Break it up and sell it off in pieces to various corporations and countries.
**Global mega corporations and banks and govts run the earth. Average IQ is 90. People are left to go back to nature while 20% or less of humanity is living in secluded cities.

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I have been telling folks the same thing and they get so fucking triggered and then proceed to obey the "experts" such as LORD FAUCHI. Sad. We are a nation run by a mob of sheeple.

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Execution of government officials for mass murder and treason is appropriate.

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H1n1 was worse. But it barely made the news

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“This virus” has never been scientifically proven to exist, and the CDC even admitted they didn’t have it.


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Crowder is a barely closeted homosexual.

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