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PA would NEVER make a mistake like that right ??? Deep state governor who knows the people are pissed off and a lot have flipped doing his best to help the swamp

Fucking scum

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The headline is a flat out lie. The article says they are applications for mail-in ballots that were rejected. And the main reason is that people checked a box when they voted in the primaries to request a mail-in ballot, then made a second request to receive a mail-in ballot.

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The headline is a flat out lie.

Yep, gotta read the article to find the truth. Downvote for me. Tired of propaganda and lies on both sides.

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Fortunately the AG is a white guy named Shapiro so I'm sure it on the up and up

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The main reason? Many people who voted during the June primaries may have already checked a box to request a mail-in ballot for the November election.

However, people who made more than one request should eventually receive their ballot, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania State Department said. They can also head to the polls on Election Day.

The spokesperson said about 2 million people have selected an option to automatically have ballots sent for the current calendar year, meaning they do not need to reapply.

More than 2.7 million Pennsylvanians have requested mail-in ballots this election.

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I'd love to know what percentage of mail-in ballot fraud favors the Democrats. My guess, 96%.

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This is no longer an election. It's a left wing coup.

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The mail-in balloting is new this year, and it's a mess. There have been absentee ballots for a long time, and although there are 'irregularities' with them, the numbers aren't anything like the mail-in volume this year. When the process started just before the COVID shutdowns, information about the process was incomplete. Since then, voters have been flooded with email, snail mail, social media, and other forms of encouragement to sign up for mail-in voting. I can see how someone might send in more than one request just to be sure. It is nearly impossible to get through to county voter services, at least in some areas. They don't answer phones, return calls, respond to mail, or update computer databases properly. The combination of sheer incompetence, COVID shutdown, and facilitation of fraud is hard to untangle.


Anyone who can help with poll watching or watching the mail-in ballot count, please, please, please step up and volunteer. The counting of mail-in and provisional ballots will go on for days and should be monitored in every county by members of both parties. The county-level party organizations are coordinating this. It requires both watcher certificate and training, which can be done remotely.

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the process [of vote-by-mail] started just before the COVID shutdowns

Before the plandemic, you say? Isn't that interesting.

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Yep. I first heard about it in early February. They didn't have the mechanics of it worked out until a bit later.