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I seriously cannot share this with normies because OP is a faggot.

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I know, I downloaded and went "fuck"

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Can you share photos of your genitals? I’m a normie. I drink ice water. And coffee. I like my couch. And and decapitating cats. I’m a normies. And so can you. Faggot. Let me see your dick. It’s not gay

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Isn't it almost BEAUTIFUL in its illustration of what evil IS??? So PERFECT.

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Yes. Machine like in its precision. A clear sign it's an ORGANIZED effort by Satan.

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you spelled oppressed wrong you fucking kikenigger

not you, OP faggot - the high IQ retard that made this meme without running a spellcheck

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typos are different from mispellings i present that the niggerfaggot missed a p press not mispelled the word!

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The sad thing about the right is that it's packed full of the same type of retards as the left. It's just mouth breathers as far as the eye can see; left and right.

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it’s fucking true - most republicans are retarded niggerfelonleague-worshipping faggots that hate knowledge and prefer to live life based on their “gut” feelings

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fucking kikenigger

I can't believe I'd never heard this till now.

Step aside "niggerfaggot"...

there's a new sheriff in town.

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kike sarah forced her husband kike abraham to have sex with their nigger slave - the offspring of abraham are kikeniggers, and the turkish ashkenazis have nothing to do with this story

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Should have put Oprah as oppressed. Bigger laughs. Turd has spoken.

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should have put it in the square with the demontranny

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Can I favorite this post?