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Big fucking hairy deal OP.

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Hollywood makeup and hairstylists are unionized in the local 706 https://local706.org and make some of the most outrageous money you ever heard of. They all drive top of the line Mercedes or whatever. If you are on a big show its all unionized and you must use union personnel. So to be paying 70 000 to those unionized hair stylists is not a lot at all.

Typically unionized hairstylists might make $200,000 a year. So he worked on part of the year on the apprentice.

Now imagine a show like Desperate Housewives where every girl had their own stylist and makeup artist and wardrobe person all unionized. Its well over $200,000 for each girl.




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That is a business expense.

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Lmaooooo. I talked with a guy i know that made several millions in a year from his business and asked him what his taxes must be like, he told me write offs and everything is a business expense

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Bruh is this the first time you heard about this type of shit? The business folk and the elites can write off virtually anything dude. The system and the tax code works for THEM. This isn't new. We have known this for many, many years. Where have you been?

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Oh my God. The world has ended. I don't care.

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Me and these mysterious 4 AM kikes are still

Voting trump lol

Jk I’m not voting

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