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Author: Bess (((Levin))) No one here is surprised!

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He knows dems cheat. They still cant win

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If only... but he didn't. He actually talked about a transition tonight, which worries me.

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The left are stupid to the point of ridiculous.

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Ok shills, stop pushing this lie, or stop believing it because your media lords say its true. He was asked "win, lose, or draw...?" And of course a we will see comment would be suffice. Would he commit to transfer if there was a draw? What about if he wins? What a trick question if I have ever heard one. In addition, for the first time in history democrata and the media are pushing to change election procesures, of course it is abwe will see scenario!

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speculation based on impressions. vanity fair no less. people that think here say is fact need to go

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I was hoping for a better dictator.

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The rise of a dictator is normal in times like this. Who's going to stop the current insanity, it's certainly not 'democracy'.