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He just did!

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I want to create a fake account so I can upvoat this again. LOL

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It’s harder to shit yourself if you eat a lot of fiber. If I shit myself it would be like golf balls I could grab them and throw them at people. My hands wouldn’t even be dirty afterwards

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I love how the cameraman is like, "Oop! Better zoom out to rebalance the shot", and keeps Nadler in the frame while he's clearly trying to sneak discreetly away.

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Trying not to spill the soft serve from the cup.

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This guy is grotesque even by politician standards

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Look up pictures of him in 90s you'll get a good laugh.

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Liked that. Thanks

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Look up pictures of Chuck Schumer's wife, and you'll shit your pants

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He must have had a bypass. A known complication is incontinence.

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Nadler's mom was a gnome.

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Jesus wept. How do people vote for someone like that? Put them in charge of making BIG decisions for them and the country?

We cannot go on like this as a Republic. Democrat voters have no standards. They will vote for terrorists, America hating communists, senile old fools, corpulent sloths, pedos, trannies, degenerates, drug addicts, insane harpies etc.

But we are the bad ones because we voted for a guy who cheated on his wife etc. and mitch McConnell did cocaine in the 80's.

I don't knw what the answer is, but there better be one before this is resolved with lead and rope.

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They have no standards, no ethics, no values, nothing. Anything they pretend to have is just an emotional means to an end; an end they don't even know about because it is one that only benefits the rulers (above politicians).

Do you really think they care about black people? Mexicans? School for shit people? Medical for shit people? Housing for shit people? Jobs for shit people? Gay people? Trans people? Muslim people? Jewish people? Well, that last one they do care about, but the pleb democrats don't know it.

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Those shit stains aren't legitimately elected. Oh, there are absolute smooth brained fucktards who vote for that trash with great relish, but it's outright fraud that puts them in office and keeps them there for decades.

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I don't know, he might have been legitimately elected. His district has the highest percentage of jews of any congressional district in the country, and they love disgusting pieces of shit.

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All sins can be forgiven or overlooked unless there is an R by the name.

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Diversity is strength!

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Fucking Jews repulse me aesthetically, spiritually, politically, and philosophically. They truly are sub human. Disgusting fucking creatures. I see wild animals with more class and pride than that thing.

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there is beauty and awe to be had from an animal but nothing but putrid disgust squelching fetid odorous malaise that emanates from heebs

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Yet another quote on voat I want to embroider on a pillow.

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Truly, once you begin reading deeper into their culture, and actually researching the way they work and think, it's utterly unsurprising they managed to get the whole world to hate "the jew".

A pathetic culture that would be best wiped out.

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They are literally shitting them-selves!

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He was making a donation to Molech

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I read somewhere that kikes had a god in their temple that required you to shit in front of. If you couldn't shit you had to put a stone dildo in your ass until there was shit on it. The gods name was Po.

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If I remember correctly it was actually the Caananites who worshiped the god on top of Mount Ṣapān and the Israelite's who worshipped Ba'al were punished by Moses in the old testament. He sends his followers to slaughter all of the Caananites and to rape and enslave the women and children.

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Diarrhea cha cha cha

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When you're at a press conference, and you feel a squirt in your pants...

When you're standing with the speaker, and you start to smell a stinker...

When you're doing a presentation, and you feel a wet sensation...

... Diarrhea cha cha cha!

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When you're standing with Pelosi, and a toilet you can no see -- DIARRHEA!

When the lady's talking twaddle, and you break into a waddle -- DIARRHEA!

When the nation thinks it's funny that your seat is brown and runny - DIARRHEA!

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🎵"Diarrhea! chh chh"🎵

🎵"Diarrhea! chh chh"🎵

🎵"Every-body Thinks Its Funny"🎵

🎵"But its Really Dark and Runny"🎵

🎵"Diarrhea! chh chh"🎵


Diarrhea Song Chh Chh (long lyrics):



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When you're on TV with Nancy, and your ass is getting antsy -- DIARRHEA!\

When the Congressman from Jersey takes the Highway known as Hersey -- DIARRHEA!

When fat, decrepit Nadler's up Shit Creek without a paddler -- DIARRHEA!

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that is fucking hilarious.

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I didn't expect the title to be so accurate. He literally made the same face a toddler does when they shit themselves.

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