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Freedom is the liberty offered by the bonds one is enslaved to. Your freedom of choice for example is a liberty offered under the laws of nature. Freedom as taught to you is a belief system, because once you believe in it you consent to the contract of belief that was offered to you by others, which gives them control over you, because your beliefs form your intent, which steers your actions. See, these (((others))) utilize the contract of belief (under the laws of nature) to trick you to consent away your liberty of freedom of choice by ignoring the laws of nature in favor for selfish beliefs....commun-ism, capital-ism, fasc- ism and every other -ism are contracts of belief offered to you to tempt you to consent to them.

I do believe in Fascism because as I understand it, it is Order

To believe means to self restrict ones comprehension (understanding) of reality in accordance to the belief; offered to one by others. that restriction of comprehension is also was causes you to not comprehend that nature defines the natural order of existence, which is the forward motion from a beginning towards an end, within which we are demanded to uphold life over death by adaptation to ever changing circumstances; by upholding balance (the natural order), by surviving.

state structure

That is slavery; that is one getting tricked to consent away ones own responsibility over ones own actions (freedom of choice) to the false authority of others. You consent away your power (by ignoring that you are offered free access to all of it) to others, and since power corrupts within motion, they will abuse it against you, and all others.

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Also re-read your revision of the first paragraph. Wow. Been a while since I've been mindblown... but the contracted belief makes a lot of sense...

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Don't BELIEVE me; adapt to it and try it out until you fully comprehend it; otherwise you exchange your beliefs, with what you believe are my beliefs. The reason why comprehension is the key, is because we all are within the motion of energy (all existence moves from a beginning towards an end), which means we cannot prove the beginning or the end, because they define the barriers of our existence, but we can comprehend the motion, because we are in it.

The laws of nature are the fundamental rules that define MOTION, and the survival instinct that all conscious life-forms share is allowing us to comprehend these rules: they are the command line of operation for all conscious life. All knowledge already exists within the energy of nature, and YOU as the temporary part of it need to adhere to it (by following the laws of nature) to gain comprehension; to increase potentiality within yourself so that you can comprehend the potential of this ecosystem.

All the division of unity our parasites are creating by tricking us to uphold beliefs, is about deceiving us to ignore reality; to not use the infinite power offered to us; to not comprehend that ALL is ONE within energy.

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I like the way you process and spit information.

What is the ideal society in your mind?

& does it have an army for protection, and who governs it?

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the ideal society

It's called not ignoring the laws of nature that all conscious life-forms are receiving through their shared survival instinct. This is a self sustaining; fully functioning ecosystem, and all chaos within is based on us selfishly ignoring the status quo in favor for beliefs (lies) we selfishly uphold in our minds, which is the corruption that restricts us to comprehend reality.

an army for protection

How is it that a gazelle and a lion coexist within the same habitat despite being opposites (predator and prey)? Where is the gazelle army for protection? The reason is because both instinctively adhere to the laws of nature, which state that "opposites must coexist", because they're defined by each other, within motion. One can only be prey if there's a predator around and vice versa, and that is not something that needs to be taught to them, because they instinctively comprehend this, which is why they coexist despite occasionally meeting for lunch. A gazelle and a zebra are not in conflict with each other; they are aware of each other, and adapt accordingly.

All conflict comes from selfish beliefs, because proclaiming a belief puts you into the opposition of all that do not believe. Every belief creates yet another conflict of selfish interest, which is why this word is run by selfish liars who exploit selfish believers.

who governs it?

The ONE who was offered sole authority of his actions by the liberty of freedom of choice under the laws of nature...YOU. We don't need leadership; we need to take responsibility for having the sole authority over our actions, while only nature has the sole authority to pass judgment over the consequences of all actions, by passing them back onto all of us, which creates the ever changing circumstances we are demanded to constantly adapt to for survival...if only we wouldn't selfishly ignore our instincts.

I like the way you process and spit information.

Thanks for inspiring me to do so.

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Any government is fascist per the Greek definition, from a time where not all lands and people were incorporated into a governmental jurisdiction. Using "fascism" in the Greek sense to describe a government is meaningless, because all governments are by default fascist by the Greek definition.

Fascism as per WW2 is the fusion of the state and industry, aka, no private industry.

In the batshit, off the wall, retarded, schizophrenic, atmosphere of US politics, the "Anti-Fascists" are actually advocating for WW2 fascism.

Stalin and the early Soviet Union was just as fascist as Italy.

But can you have individual freedoms in a WW2 styled fascist civilization? Some, just not owning industry. Fascism, per WW2, is an economic term, despite Jews in the media trying to redefine it as something else entirely. It's just what you call it when all the industries of a country are nationalized.

Modern China is by definition a fascist state because the government controls industry entirely.

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Greeks have no word for fascism except tyrannos. That word was invented in pre-WWII Italy.

USSR had a constitution they followed. Hitler and Mussolini just ignored the previous states'.

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Are you sure?

I never heard that before.

I'm running low on energy at the moment. I'm not fully cognitively, functionally, able at the moment. But I'll think about what you write later.

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So you're saying Antifa aims to consolidate industries to the state? Do you have proof of that?

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Just look at their twitter or something. I can't be bothered to dig that deeply into what is clearly a bogus political movement designed for something other than what it claims, a false flag movement.

If you claim to speak for antifa, then feel free to say whatever you want to the contrary. I don't know that anyone will particularly care since they've been burning down people's houses and businesses.

Or the media could just be misrepresenting them. Again, they'd have to come forward and state otherwise for anyone to know.

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I run my household as a fascist dictator. We’re all thriving and happy and healthy and doing well.

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Lmfao thank you for your honesty.

I imagine under the right context, it would absolutely thrive. Cheers fellow fascist.

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How do you define "individual freedoms"? We aren't fascist yet we cannot grow cannabis. We cannot make and fly our own airplanes without government approval. Of course under fascism there would be "individual freedoms", it could even be more good ones and less bad ones.

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great point. As I define it today it is what we are allowed under the constitution but yes those freedoms you listed are not currently included.

We would need viable amendments in my mind, but that Blood Is Nature guy just smacked me with some truth and sense. Need to noodle more.

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To me, that reads as an arrogant supremacy angle (one race) in which they tried to become Gods (nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do) and used children (the meek?) to build it so God struck them down.

Reminiscent of the parasites on top today.

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Yes, jews are fascists in my opinion also.

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We currently live under fascist rule, so the answer is "no".

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I'll wait for an example. I asked my brother point-blank and he instead pulled up "The Fascist Playbook" and we stepped thru the generalized content without identifying any crucially impactful fascist rule.

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No. Fascism is merely tyranny.

Hitler officially operated his under the Weiamar Cinstitution.

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You must get paid to be so retarded, what's the going rate these days?

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You don't even know that your hero didn't even bother to throw off the Weimar Constitution?

Tell me less.