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He just wants dems to oppose it and make them look worse. He won't go thru with the package.

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Pressure cooker.

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yes, it does seem like were trapped in a pressure cooker sometimes. although upvoting the words "pressure cooker" will almost definitely get me on a list. lol. i'm sure my name shows up on that list quite a few times.

[–] GoldenHead ago 

They don't care about us anymore like that. They know you're just chicken hawks.

They do watch, and Trump will not move until he thinks you're in the right place to receive the new constitution.

All I see now are people cowering from responsibility. People demand something, it's delivered, yet people reject it. It's like feeding a baby.

[–] captainstrange ago 

Meet the new conservatives progressives, same as the old progressives.

[–] derram ago 

https://dontvis.it/https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/516680-trump-undercuts-gop-calls-for-bigger-covid-19-relief-package :

2020-09-16 | Trump undercuts GOP, calls for bigger COVID-19 relief package | TheHill

'On Wednesday morning, Trump stunned Washington by joining those Democratic critics in calling for Republicans to seek much more funding than they’ve previously proposed. '

'Judging by the immediate reaction of Senate Republicans, it appeared Trump did not tell his congressional allies that his change of position was forthcoming. '

'Pelosi has stood firm in recent weeks, saying Democrats won’t accept any package lower than $2.2 trillion. '

'Meadows added that a deal would need to happen within a “week to 10 days” in order for the parties to pass a relief package before Election Day. ', "It's not a show stopper,” said Meadows, who noted that he had been briefed on the Problem Solvers plan."

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