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AMD also donated to blm... but still a better option.

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Yes, but AMD doesn't design and manufacture their chips in Israel.

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"We've learnt that AMD will open a new research and development center in Israel in the Tel-Aviv area, one which will be built around Graphic Remedy, the small startup they purchased in September 2010 and which specialises in development tools for heterogeneous computing and 3D graphics. Although the chip company hasn't published any press releases yet, the news is a clear indication that AMD sees its future (and its survival) in a more fragmented market where x86 is no longer the dominating platform."


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And AMD has better tech. Had an old i5-6600 in my gaming rig, tried to play Tarkov and Squad on that... It was alright, except for the hitching. Christ the hitching....

Grabbed a Ryzen 3700X and my God my computer runs like a dream. May grab the 4000-series processors if they're cheap enough, and upgrade from my older 1080 to a 3080 or 3070. Nvidia's prices aren't cranked up to high Hell this generation for some reason.

Then at some point I might get the Xbox Series X One 360 X Box X S... They gotta get the naming right on those things. 😂

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How long do you think that will remain? 3 years tops.

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They manufacture in Taiwan. Intel does have US facilities.

Both companies are cucked, they are publicly traded and both are cucked.

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So... raspberry pi? Maybe if you connect 20 of them they will equal a decent computer.

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Great opportunity to open an American semiconductor company that doesn't virtue signal totalitarian government and killing, looting, burning of whites.

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If you have enough money...


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I hit another round of depression recently when I was upgrading and saw both cpu makers donated to blm. No other options.

I didn't see Nvidia on the list. Hopefully they'll use this opportunity to make Tegra an option.

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There's IBM Power9, or RISC-V.

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Both big gfx card makes were bought by and and Intel many years ago.

I'm building a new one next year hopefully there is something else by then. Is this tegra good?

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Isn't Nvidia owned by Intel?

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AMD and Intel and Nvidia and all chip manufacturers even ARM now is practically owned by vanguard group. If you know what VG is you know who is balls deep in it and it all makes sense.

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Intel is basically mega jewed, literally one of their factories is in Israel now. If you pay attention to technology the company is completely fucked now with a backdoor into all their chips. AMD is the way to go currently.

brendan o'connell on YouTube has some great videos about it and the current world situation in general, he's 100% woke on the jq

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Israel moved many technologies to israel. Almost as if they were banking on total economic and technological collapse in the United States.

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I've read a while back that AMD has some kind of ME-equivalent functionality as well. ARM seems to be the "best"/safest way to go in terms of security.

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Riskv is the safest but getting fast implementations is the challenge.

Iirc, nvidia (corrected) will purchase arm.

Apple is heavily investing in arm and custom silicone.

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And what ARM has the processing capability of a standard x64 AMD/ Intel chip?

Easy to make chips secure when they don't need to run a spyware OS.

[–] wylan ago 

It does, but in all of the AMD bios that I have seen, it can be disabled.

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Figured, I knew Intel had large manufacturing occurring in Israel, they are notorious for using affirmative action to hire POC and rejecting white people even though the company is mostly made up of foreigners.

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Well it shows.

Intel is lacking in intelligence and can't break out of 14nm to save their life.

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They're in China, Israel, I think UK even? Definitely not even an American-only company by any means...

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The stocks reflect it too.

I sold out my Intel stocks after having success with AMD chips. Got into AMD at ~11 per share and its up around 80 each now. Meanwhile Intel went from 80 to 48.

Now I'm looking at getting some EPYC servers to start replacing Intel, granted that is purely for the horsepower represented with the core counts.

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Good move on that, I got rid of my Intel stock and invested in other microelectronic companies. It just sickens me to live in Oregon and read in the news that this company, that has many factories in Oregon, supports BLM and ignoring the safety of it's workers and locals.

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Man I wish I could live in Oregon, or at least southern Oregon. Stuck here in Cali with a house that won't fucking sell. As for the Portland area near Intel, fuck that. I've family in the region and its a shit show it sounds like.

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Is AMD any better?

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It's like Coke vs. Pepsi. Typical PC users (even power users) are not going to notice any difference between running an Intel processor versus AMD with the same number of cores and clock speed. There's always some small advantage with one over the other, but they both offer the same features for the most part.

I switched to AMD years ago because I like rooting for the underdog, was impressed with how AMD has been keeping up with Intel, and wanted to save some money on home built budget PCs that can still run modern games.

Ok, queue the Intel fanboys to jump in here, call me a faggot, and state why I'm wrong. I'm joking OFC... but there will always be hardcore Intel fans out there that will run nothing but Intel.

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I mean in terms of politics. I run AMD in my PC as well, and I understand the technical differences between AMD and Intel well enough.

I was just wondering if AMD isn't also a shitty company that wants to kill all white people and plunge the nation into a communist dystopian hell pit.

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Generalizing greatly and this is years old knowledge, could have changed, AMD is better for multitasking Intel is better for doing one thing faster. Most won't notice the difference.

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I've had several AMD systems quickly turn into duds. I've only built two Intel/nvidia systems and both lasted close to a decade. 6750/gt9600 and 4790k/gtx980. I think the most i ever got from an AMD rig was 3 years. AMD also has high TDP which kills their "value" in the long run.

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The tech world is full of degenerates...this is known.

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Luckily nVidia just bought ARM and iassume that means they're looking into the CPU market.

nVidia is the only major silicon manufacturer that isn't woke.

[–] noob_tube ago 

They are definitely woke.


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Interviewed there one time by a bunch of their department heads and one of the upper chink managers that was useless was pretty fucking upset that I wasnt a diversity prospect and kept nitpicking everything I said. I told that fuck he probably was useless at his job and that and wouldnt answer anymore of his questions. Needless to say i didnt get the position, but hey fuck it all expenses paid and week to stay in town plus meal card.

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