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This sets a dangerous precedent. They are emboldening the nigs and commies more and more each day

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Defending yourself from niggers and felons is illegal. Hitler's rise now makes sense.

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good i cant wait till they do it to someone whos itching to mow them all down what are the cops gonna dp bring the nigger mob back to life lol

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Yea, cops try to save criminals lives every day so we can fund their lives with our tax dollars. Fuck cops. Cops are goofs.

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You gotta wonder, if this guy had snuck out the proverbial back door, setup down the street and mag dumped before a tactical retreat, what are the chances of getting caught? I mean if you empty into a crowd of rioters with all the chaos, how are they going to find you? People can only be pushed so far before they start to snap and do shit like this. Especially when the cops do nothing until, by any objective standard, the victim begins to retaliate or protect himself?

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Perhaps if someone were to drop off a large quantity of alcohol to the party, create a background irritant - like a loud repetitive cricket, place objects around the area that could obviously and easily be used for destruction, and then initiate a catalyst event like say, flying an RC helicopter over the party. If the cops were to arrive at the right time, I think the situation would take care of itself.

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Wisconsin's Gun Laws had their balls snipped.

There is no duty to retreat inside one's home, or place of business. For deadly force to be justified it must be in defense of one's self or others. The person must believe that there is a real threat of death, or bodily injury, and all other means of defusing the situation must have be exhausted before using deadly force. Deadly force may not be used in the sole defense of property.

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He was exercising his 2nd amendment right, and he will win in court. The constitution and its rights are the supreme law, and is not to be held to interpretation.

16AmJur2d., Sec. 97:

"Constitution should receive a literal interpretation in favor of the Citizen, is especially true, with respect to those provisions which were designed to safeguard the liberty and security of the Citizen in regard to person and property."

Barry v. United States - 273 US 128

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Honorable Judge Shavinda Davis disagrees. 15 years.

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You don't have a right to threaten to kill other people. If you aren't legally justified in pulling the trigger, you aren't legally justified in aiming the weapon.

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It's a shame you have no reading comprehension.

And you are always promoting submission to the nigs. Hmmm

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Surrounding the home wasn't enough justification to under this law to directly threaten the Niggers by pointing a gun at them. (Deadly Force may not be used in the sole defense of property)

It's a shame your IQ is so low that you can't understand that under Wisconsin's pussified version of The Castle Doctrine the home owner was charged. This doesn't mean he is guilty of breaking that law. It just gave the BLM protecting Soy-Cops enough ground to arrest and attempt to charge.

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You want Nazis? This is how you get Nazis.

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Good. Cops need to push so we have no choice but to see them as meat standing between us and freedom. Cops need to be killed.

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Democracy if 30 niggers surrounding the house of one white man with a gun with 5 police officers to arrest him if he tries to stop them from burning his home to the ground.

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He let the police in; stupid move.

The police knocked in the first place, which basically implies "protecting your property for a violent mob in against the law; police are ZOGbots.

The police arrested him; police are not there to help you.

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Yeah, let 'em break the door down if they want in so bad.

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Pretty sure there are peeping tom laws being violated in addition to the home owners 2nd amendment rights here.

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If your going to pull it might as well use it, if your going to do time. You might as well do time for greasing a couple of niggers.

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