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you can say she put them all in one basket

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True. She bet on a ridiculously low chance.

Until very recent years, no eggs were ever frozen, and it was a layperson phrase for a FROZEN EMBRYO.

An embryo is multiple cells, and has sperm already added. An egg cell is so fragile and so technically complex to freeze that you need a lot of them and you need educated white technicians to both freeze and thaw them.

EGG CELLS WERE RARELY FROZEN. She tried to freeze actual egg cells.

Even in 2020 the entire PROCEDURE is a hilariously low 14.8 percent rate of success using a clutch of forced eggs, and a single attempt in vitro studies (no female womb, just in vitro petri dish), showed 10% chance in 2018 papers. 10% proved in vitro, but rises to 14.8% if tried three times , with three sets of forced eggs, in humans.

14.8 percent rate of success, from wiki:


She was told this "14.8 percent" before , during, and after , they took her money.

Freezing FERTILIZED eggs , has worked well for many decades, but a suspicious new man in her life will certainly take a DNA test of kids she claims are his and he will flee when he finds out the sperm used was not his, though FERTILIZED eggs (embryos) are trivial to freeze and unfreeze.

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It's higher because she was 30, not 40, when they took the eggs but the percentage is still super low.

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the basket must be misogynistic

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comments like this are why Voat needs a "gold" equivalent.

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> I refuse to do literally the one thing I can do that men can't

> Why am I so unhappy?

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>Lures an entire generation of young women into failing to have children, especially the most intelligent and successful ones

>'Why me?' 'What did I do wrong?'

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If a woman has to ask herself that question, her life perception is not based in reality.

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To make a decision like that, it's very likely that the woman has a high genetic load.

She's a spiteful mutants and her offspring will carry on that defect. It's not bad if they don't reproduce, quality people need to take the slack.

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In addition to giving birth, women can talk for three hours straight without pausing even to think or breathe, No man I know can do that.

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You must not know any Jews.

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Only three hours? you must have picked a quiet one... one of the reasons men enjoy bj so much : the bliss of a few minutes of silence...

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Even more time for her shitty career now. Nice.

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She's produced a healthy family of spreadsheets and sales projections. Life well spent. /s

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Becoming yet another bitter frustrated men hating middle management bitch who is going to make it her life mission to get in the way of any male colleagues she comes across...

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We don’t need mothers. We need more worker units.

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This is just like all of their (((science))), they keep the downsides hidden from view and ridicule anyone who speaks of them.

  • Black people: crime, violence, iq, empathy
  • Lesbians: domestic violence
  • MtF transitions: pretty much life ending (no normal sex ever again, dilating, smells, zero chance of normal relationship...)
  • Renewable energy: high environmental up-front cost, not constant, worse in almost every way compared to nuclear
  • Females in workplace: no positives
  • Females in management: no positives
  • Females in politics: no positives
  • Diversity is our strength: no positives

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Straight white men have to basically prop up the rest of society when they try this shit.

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I don't want to though lol

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It's all a lie. Everything the left pushes is a lie -- that's why it needs to be pushed so hard.

[–] peacegnome ago 

lies by omission, ad hominem, and appeal to authority. That is why "scientific consensus" is so important to them, they can shame peers into supporting their crap and then claim opposition is "anti-science".

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Oy vey, families are bad! Work a meanial job forever and completely disregard spiritual or emotional fulfillment! Someone has to pay off the interest on the ponzi scheme I mean national debt!

The population? That's what mass importing niggers is for!

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Everybody knows the true path to female happiness lies in creating power points for shitskins in Hyderabad and Bangalore until you retire.

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She remembers screaming like "a wild animal". Yeah, where's your feminism now? Oh, that's right; duping a whole new generation of suckers.

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Why I feel absolutely no pity for people like this. Her dumb actions aren't only fucking up her life, but the lives of other people too.

All it would have taken was a bit more thought to avoid all of it but no. And she thought she was the smartest person ever.

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Everything clicks into place and makes sense once you realize women peak at age 13 in terms of their ability to see consequences and cause and effect. Adult women are not any better than a preteen at such things.

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It's exactly like Idiocracy. "Smart" people are abstaining from having children while wild ass miscreants are breeding like rabbits. LOL. The lady in that movie even said she "froze some eggs until Mr. Right comes along" EXACTLY like this article. It's fucking eerie. https://youtu.be/CXSz0bA9CiE

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She should have used 'GirlPower'

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Well thats her path now too, she has nothing else.

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Box wine and cats...lots of cats.

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I fucking love science!

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Haha career woman. Making power points for a boss who will gladly lay you off to save a buck versus making a family for a man who loves you. If there ever was more evidence that woman love being treated like shit, I have yet to see it.

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