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So what do you suggest we do, then?

Doing nothing = we lose

Doing anything = we lose

What's the answer, enlightened one?

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I don't know.

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Finally! Someone else on voat that is willing to being honest and admit they have no idea how to fix this. Progress at last.

I don't know how to fix this either, but damn it at least we are having a real conversation about it now.

It occurs to me that Voat's biggest problem may not be the Jew shills or the threat of FBI hunnypots, but our own ego. Everyone is so quick to spit vitriol and call the other guy a glownigger for trying to even start a conversation about fixing things. But none of them has a plan either, only a bunch of useless bravado. Its like the crabs in a bucket mentality here, except we arn't trapped in a plastic bucket, we are trapped in a Jew controlled dystopia.

Well it seems to me the water is about ready to boil, and if we are going to avoid getting tossed in one at a time then we are going to have to stop yelling at each other and start talking instead.

No one will fight this battle in our stead. We have to organize, and we have to do it fast.

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Individuals can do nothing to alter the flow of history.

Be the change you want to see.

Prepare for the hard times that are coming.
Pray we come out better on the other side.

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

Individuals can do nothing to alter the flow of history.

This is an objectively untrue statement.

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The only legal thing that you can do, regardless if we win or not is to do /sig/ (called self improvement general), try sigup.net and join the telegram channel. Destroy porn, get fit, let go of the many jew thing in your life like fast food, drugs, booze etc. And you will become a better man to fight in the future.

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

I was on the SIG path until I was disabled in an accident, now I'm just a crippled asshole who spends his free time watching the world burn via livestream.

[–] bcboncs ago 

It is how you use the substance, not that the substance itself is Jewy.

Devolved thinking vs meta-engagements.

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marry white. have white children. teach your children all history is written by those that win. teach your children that everything written in a newspaper is a lie. make white pockets to protect our dna for hundreds of years.

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

I would do this, but despite being highly knowledgeable and willing to teach and raise kids, I'm also physically handicapped, and as a result, can't expect any youthful woman worth marrying to want to deal with my incapacitating health problems. She would have to be the primary bread winner while her broken husband teaches her children, and that's just not an appealing prospect for a woman of good breeding quality who can secure a much better mate.

I'm out of the game, stuck as an observer to the fall of civilization.

[–] captainstrange ago 

marry white. have white children. teach your children all history is written by those that win.

well all those are nice but its not the correct and only solution. They will continue to import third world populations en masse, with a higher birthrate than you, and soon we will all be entirely politically irrelevant. They will also continue to give laquasha 5k a month to pump out useless felons in training.

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You misunderstand. There is a civil war in judaism right now.

The reason trump is supported by jews (who vote 90% communism/left) and yet is nominally a conservative, is because he was put in office by the hasidic jews.

The Hasidim see the pure degeneracy of the left and hate the non-hasidic jews almost as much as regular jews despise gentiles. And what the rabbis (their political leadership, not just spiritual leadership) intend to do is build up the 'nazi right' to drive jews to the holy land and "force gods hand on the arrival of the messiah." or some shit. Hence boogaloo boys and all that 'alt right' bullshit.

The highest levels of the hasidic community are in bed with Netanyahu and the likuds.

Its not just "the jew cries out as he strikes you."

its also "the jew cries out as he provokes you to strike him."

Basically both sides abandoned the left entirely, except for a small coalition who fight in antifa. And those sides

are now warring for control of the trump campaign. The Likud party, which is struggling with a mass revolt back home, needs

an 'antisemitic' trend massively in the u.s. to scare the hasidim into fleeing to israel because the hasidics are the ones most likely to vote for them and their hardliner expansionism--a policy, that if it loses momentum, or slows down, instead of stalemating with surrounding nations, will begin to move in the opposite direction, losing ground faster and faster. And so they see this as a matter of survival.

Thats how I've seen this explained in bits and pieces over the last year.

As usual their biggest enemy is themselves.

[–] Merchant_Menace ago 

I find this hard to believe.

[–] LettItBurn [S] ago 

Interesting analysis. I've heard it said that if all the jews were ever forced to move to israel, they'd end up tearing each other to pieces.

...the hasidics are the ones most likely to vote for them and their hardliner expansionism...

What ever happened to the hasidics being opposed to even the creation of israel? I thought they were the only group of jews that were opposed to it because it was done by man instead of god.

[–] captainstrange ago  (edited ago)

Interesting analysis. I've heard it said that if all the jews were ever forced to move to israel, they'd end up tearing each other to pieces.


Understand this is speculation on my part from the things I know, the things I think I know, and the thing I heard.

And what the guys at the bottom of the totem pole think they support versus what they actual support whether they know it are not, versus what the guys at the top support are all different things.

Trump will lead to rising 'antisemitism' and more jews moving to israel, we can already start to see it happening, almost imperceptible at first. Maybe thats why the leftwing jews pushed so vehemently against him but probably not. More likely a lot of jews privately abandoned the left and that explains why the remnant are so much louder - the less of them there are, the louder they become and have to be.

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The kikes backing Trump aren't the same kikes that are running the Democrats and the rest of the show, which is why they've thrown everything at Trump that they possibly could. Pandemic, race riots, impeachment, etc. They genuinely want him out. Good on Trump for pitting jew against jew.

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Exactly. You have your Satanic Jews and your Sharon Jews.

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They're all parasites, but there are rivalries that can be exploited. Plenty of kikes want Netanyahu gone.

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Yuri told you that the Democrats would be sacrificed when their job was done.
How many “demoralization complete” memes have you seen recently.

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The democrats are just the other side of the same shekel. If you control both parties, what difference does it make?

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The fires and lack of decisive action to stop them and save lives is demoralizing. I'm considering baong on voting and doubt I'm alone. Couple that with Trump's efforts for Israel that seems a betrayal. He can fuck right off.

We are selling our mortgage and moving into having no debt. Tired of the Jews.

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This is the first election in my lifetime, where it has felt like there was no campaigning done for either side. Sure Trump had a few rallies, and Biden went a few places, but remember the lead up to the 2016 election? It's not all due to COVID lockdowns either. The media isn't even shilling heavily for Biden like they did for most other Democratic candidates in recent history.

It really does feel like the outcome has already been decided. I've never trusted the elections, but this year is the dodgiest year I've ever seen. It beats "hanging chads" by a longshot.

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Just shut the fuck up and Trust the Plan like a good goy! You don't want a pedophile dementia patient and a mutt whore as president do you? President Kushner is much better than them.

One of these days, it's gonna be against the law for you speak these awful hateful words and conspiracy theories about God's Chosen People, you know. So you better change your train of thought now!

We call it a key to the white house and its a key to our country and our hearts

That means YOU paytriots! Even Jesus wants this. Don't be like the blackpilled nazi losers on this site. Just calm down, relax and Trust the Plan. America first! Law & Order!!

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We can't even organize against these bastards. You see those kikes that down vote any post that calls them out? They're the same ones paid to monitor and report any attempt to plan against them. Even some of those "patriots" on the qrv site honestly believe they'd be doing their duty as a patriotic American if they turn in a fellow White man who stood up for his race. Pathetic.

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I would say only 5-10% of the posts and comments on qrv and the other Q subs are coming from actual people who truly believe that shit. Maybe a little more on other platforms like twitter. It's nearly all bullshit.

Sadly that's crept to the rest of this site too. Just look at all the shit that's always falsely promoted to the front page by the same accounts

Guessing that angel investor has gotten their money's worth.

[–] LettItBurn [S] 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago 

No rebuttal, huh? Just downvote and move onto the next anti kike post.

Go stick your cut jew dick up your mother's ass you filthy kike scumbags. I hope you all die in nuclear fire.

[–] llegendary ago 

we found the Jew.

[–] LettItBurn [S] ago 

They never argue a valid point. They're just paid to down vote any antikike post and move on.

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