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Of course. What the left fails to realize is that most people live in reality. No one cares about the overly convoluted race theories or other nonsense that you learn in some gay ass lib arts college.

People are out living and working in these conditions and now they'll vote accordingly. I hope this whole thing brings an end to liberal "intellectual" elitism.

For years we've been effectively told that regular working men, tradesmen, farmers, etc, are "uneducated" and stupid. But the reality is the complete opposite. The "education" most lefties receive is worthless. It's like being the most educated Lord of the Rings fan. All that knowledge is great at some nerd convention, but not in the real world.

People are quickly learning that the most educated people are actually the ones with the most real world experience and skills, which are overwhelmingly NOT the lib arts faggots and NEETs who think they've assumed some kind of position of moral/intellectual dictators of society.

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Damn straight, thank God some intelligence still exists here!