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wait, what about the fires and CV1984? No jobs, cause Disney closed. Oh no, raise taxes to cover city shortfall. Add a gas tax, toll roads on every street

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Fuck Disney, and fuck Anaheim for that matter. When was the last time Anaheim stood up for all the small businesses being run out of town? If anything good comes from TVC-15, errr, CV-19, it's the destruction of Sportsball & Disney.

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Duck Anaheim duck Disney. Bunch of crooked rotten niggers.

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All the harm that has been done to the economy and to people's lives is due to the response of politicians to the completely unnecessary virus hysteria. The virus was never a danger. Shutdowns were never needed. It has all been for nothing.

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not until Nov 3rd

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Well suppsely Disneyland makes about $11,000,000 per day, and 184 days of lockdown, it sounds like they have lost a lot more than $100m lol