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Backlash for Weimar, backlash for Weimamerica will dwarf that.

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Wasn’t backlash. It was plain and simple.. justice, since not enough prisons to hold all the communist Jewish and their mindless followers. They had to use camps to remove the poison out of societies. There was no mass extermination. We’re some executed? Sure. The ones that were the worst of the crimes. But just mass extermination of 6m via gas chambers is literally impossible.

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The holocaust was polish Jews plus others (other poles, Russians). The total number of German national Jews killed in the Holocaust is 1% of the total deaths. This is even according to the "official" sources. The Holocaust was not Germany purging Jews from Germany as most people believe. It was a pre-emptive internment camp to prevent insurgency in Poland while Germany was also facing a two front war.

Then the British fire bombed the wheat fields and a lot of people starved in general, including and especially wards of the state.

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why do you think they are trying to fuck math up..

cookie monster did the math with ovens and cookies it is not possible.

not only is it not possible imagine trying to evaoprate 6 million jews while fighting the most insane two front war in history

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"Conference on Jewish Material Claim Against Germany"

Conference on Endless Shekel Grubbing from Productive Societies

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What about Holodomor.

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They did that for the photo op. They weren't going to starve themselves after all.

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They are wrong. It never happened.

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LMAO. Love it. Saving this link for future use.

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Fuck 20% still indoctrinated into believing the holohoax happened, thats still not good news

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Why we never learned about the Holdomor which basically caused there 6 gorrolion demise, is still shocking to me. It is almost like the Jew is thee only one allowed to be a victim. It is almost like they think everyone else is sub human.

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You can't be the ultimate victim without the ultimate villain.

Victimization is a profession for Jews. Makes serious bank.


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Holocaust survivors are still with us and always will be lol

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Yes and fifth-generation holocaust survivors are being born every day

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They'll die eventually.

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“Nearly 20 percent of Millennials, Gen Z in NY believe Jews caused the Holocaust:”

Might the real cause have been ‘conditioning’ disguised as education? Let’s teach one group of humans that they are part of a ‘chosen race’, and another group that they are part of a ‘master race’. But not teach any of them how to test-question all such (ideological) narratives. (Curious, because if true what would be the harm in such investigation?). Then see what happens.

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The link does not show the poll breakdown. How many also lean towards that conclusion?

In total it could be more like 45% lean towards or believe that.

[–] kindlyenlightenme ago 

Which is more egregious? That humans invest trust in information whose accuracy is unknown to them, or that they are not taught as youngsters to test-question everything that is presented to them. Suppose the data being presented was, as an experiment, surreptitiously adjusted from 45% to 46%. What percentage of those receiving it would say, hold on a moment that doesn't seem right?

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