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Imagine being so fragile towards any criticism of yourself that you must deflect it to your entire race.

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Its not that, if you let on thing slide people have an unintentional foot in the door to see all the other shit and if enough do oh boy this time it might happen for real.

So yeah ther is kinda of a logic to it.

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Cutie supporters 110

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So what's the normie/blue pill explanation for all this resistance to hatred of the show?

I mean I know in reality it's because pedo jews are trying to further browbeat and cuck society with their degeneracy, but I mean what's the line they're feeding to people?

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"It's art bro, it won the sun dance film festival. It's just girls dancing. If you sexualize them it's your own fault"

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AKA, "I'm sorry you're offended."

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Did Tucker cover it?

That is the normie take.

As far right as you can get while ignoring the JQ and still pushing their lies about the war of northern aggression.

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Normies haven't watched it, and they aren't really interesting in watching it. They assume its a good intentions kids movie that has good messages (exactly what MSM tells them to think). They think our reaction to cuties is bullshit and over the top. They won't listen to us, or watch the movie so their mind wont change on the issue. Normies are mostly stupid and apathetic, mentally lazy herd animals.

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Love transcends age you simpled minded goya

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'Give it a week. They'll start to call criticism of the film antisemitism.' -Me only five days ago.

Things move fast.

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I’m so sick of no one saying “why are there protected groups?” and “why is literally everyone except white people in this protected group?”.


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He should ask which group is being discriminated against

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sensitive issues. . . are we so coddled now that talking about anything more than twerking and kitten photos is allowable on a main stream chat platform?

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is that stefan monolex? does he still have a twitter?

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No it's a YouTuber called Mannix

He rants on politics and gaming. His tirade on TLOU2 were fucking hilarious

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oh.. i will check him out, thanks

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