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Talmud kike filth

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We will kill them all.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, commanded the Genocide of the Canaanites.

We won't need orders for this one.

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I teach my kid kung fu and to run holding ass cheek shut when see jew.

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Do you also teach 'around blackie, never relaxie?

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If you see brackie then run like tracky.

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Don't forget Twilight Zone: The Movie, where two kids died, and an adult actor as well. Two of the three were 'decapitated' in an accident, a 'stunt gone wrong' at 2 or 3 am at night. The children were on the set illegally, naturally.

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Holy shit.. that was the other movie that scared the shit out of me when I was little. Poltergeist and Twilight Zone. Fuck.

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Spielberg co-produced it, but apparently he had 'nothing to do' with the accident. It was being directed by someone else. So the story goes!

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AMBLIN entertainment.


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Amblin' was Spielbergs first film. He is likely a child rapist or enabler.

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I should add, the movie Amblin was about a male jew traveling around with and fucking a female caucasian, hippies and free love.

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Heather O'Rourke "Committed suicide" in 1988 - Goys did u not get the memo

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yep I mean I long knew about that. But Spielberg being a pedo also helps explain it because he used her in his movie

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There was some jew that told Macaulay Culkin he had shoes or something made from her skin. Something like that. He talked about it in some interview.

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Probably just an excuse. They probably sacrificed her then made her into red shoes.

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This sometimes happens to child rape victims due to damage to the intestines by the penis of their rapists while very young. The injury causes scar tissue that can form a ring and shrink over time, obstructing the bowels.>

I looked into this. Couldn't find any cases where this happened. Idk, prove me wrong?

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Its a thing :

Bowel adhesions


they are the result of closed injuries of the abdominal cavity and inflammatory processes

RAPE , anal rape, causes these issues in little girls

ANAL RAPE could have killed her

Admittedly , a human penis might not be enough to striate or injure bowels, but a sex toy certainly raises the odds.


adhesions are a big problem in surgeries and in healing and wounds

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Medical records are private, as are records of crimes involving children I think.

Anal rape can cause fissures, these fissures can become fibrotic, fibrotic tissue often constricts over time, and if fibrotic tissue forms a ring in the spinal membrane, digestive system, arteries, etc. it can mature into stenosis for these reasons.

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I think it's plausible, especially if you consider that perhaps she was penetrated violently with some sort of object. That's right up the alley of these sick fucking degenerates. I'd still like to see some other instances where this occurred due to anal penetration but that would make sense if the records are sealed

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Heather wasn't the only poltergeist female star to die young and bizaarely

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Form a ring and shrink over time? So why not, when problem is discovered perform a bowel resection (remove the damaged part and sew the two ends back together like they do on MASH to soldiers who got buttfucked in combat (or by the surgeons).

They chose not to go to the doctor? I mean she was obviously unnaturally bloated in the 3rd poltergeist movie. Who got her estate? Did they know she was going to die when she died? Or were the parents all WHY? WHY? WHYYYY!!!???

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at the same time she filmed poltergeist 3 she also was on a tv show called rocky road, on this show is when she got raped. They took her to a doctor who was paid off to lie about what happened. The parents might have never known, the true story was leaked years later by crazy days and nights, some lawyer that works in hollywood, or also rumored to be robert downey jr, whomever it is he heard the true story from someone, and it makes sense, we know hollywood is pedos and she died from an asshole problem.

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This is the correct answer. They took her in back room after taping the show. Then 45 mins came out running for a medic. They had blown out her intestine by raping her with something crazy. She was dead shortly after.

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Can't forget "Happy Days", directed by Garry Marshall; father of Penny Marshall who directed Tom Hanks in "Big". Anthony Kiedis was on HD once or twice. HO'R appeared in a few episodes where Fonzie was dating Linda Purl's character. I only like Ted McGinley now for his ability to finish off hit series and Crispin Glover because after him being on HD he was Marty McFly's classmate on Family Ties, before he went on to lay Biff out with 1 punch then becoming a stoner who blasts Slayer in Keanu Reeves' face while demanding he cough up his share of the gas money

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I WONDER what Robert Downey Jr did to get AWAY with so much (IN HIS PUBLIC LIFE THAT WE KNOW ABOUT) and SSTILL have a career! Did he videotape (Covertly) his childhood rapes by Hollywood elites?

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Her parents had to of been involved. Who the fuck in their right mind would leave their children unattended with a jew.

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It was a different time. Parents dropped their kids off and told them to be good for everyone. The jews had their hay day then. Zero cameras almost.

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Fibrosis of the gastrointestinal tract can cause electrolyte abnormalities if I recall correctly.

Prolonged infection itself or simply repeated damage to the barriers of the digestive system, can cause obesity indirectly by bacterial endotoxin entering the blood stream.

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