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The funny thing is that Tom Hanks (aka Hanx) is a pedo too

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Hes also a pro masker. Fuck that faggot.

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Hate to say it, mate, but about 60% of "America" is pro mask. The ubiquitous mandatory mask requirements nationwide would not be happening if the majority of the new Hart-Cellar Americans didn't consent to them, and desire them. Yet they are. Put your mask on or else you're murdering me and my family and your grandma.

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BIG is such a pedo movie. Makes me naseous.

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The truth has always been right wing. There is nothing right of my political views but the wall.

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Antipedophilism and antisemitism are essentially the same thing. Antipedo is a subset of antisemitism.

We should associate the two in everyone's minds.
Not only for the purpose of making meaningful achievements in the our antipedo pursuits but also so people gain a better understanding of semitism itself.

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[–] minx88 ago 

Semites are termites parasites and will be sent back to Hell sooner than they think

Until on mass then individually doesn’t matter how much money you have jew you’re going to fucking Burn.

n the more that are you threaten people with fines and lockdowns ,, the harder you will to burn!!!

[–] the_magic_man ago 

Antipedo is a subset of antisemitism

No it's not. You can tell yourself that to make yourself feel better but it's not true. The whole "the right are against pedophilia therefore the left are for it" is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

[–] Nesano ago 

not being for the wall

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Actually, i think liberals have been pro-pedo for a while.

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more brazen than ever about it

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It's always been right-wing.

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Right. I've noticed the left has tried especially recently to coopt "working class" and other terms that describe regular, decent people. They try to say that these antifa faggots and others are "working class", when they're actually NEETs, criminals, or employed doing busywork garbage that's not useful or necessary.

The real working class are fed up with the left's shit.

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It always was.

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Not suddenly at all

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YASSSS KWEEN SLAY #cancelallnecrophobes. It's time to end bigotry against corpse fuckers. Necrophiliacs is a slur, the pc term will henceforth be known as "deceased attracted persons" or DAPs. It is also time we find out where the necrophobes are and get them fired for their bigotry. Bigotry against the N in lgbtpnz is bigotry against the entire community. Stand against hate!

Lesbians gays bisexuals transsexuals pedosecuals necrosexuals zoosexuals unite!

[–] minx88 ago 

Go take a rope and kill yourself jew

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'Right-wing' is everything that doesn't suit the official narrative, which is far-left.

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