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It would have been nice to know what specific leaks you were talking about. I guess it was these from a month ago (the only two I found searching for adl memos):

/v/politics/3907970 / https://archive.fo/7FtVI / https://jewishcurrents.org/adl-formulates-response-to-annexations-critics/

/v/news/3900036 / http://archive.ph/UlvQh / https://national-justice.com/leaked-anti-defamation-league-memo-exposes-elaborate-conspiracy-enable-israeli-annexation-west-bank

Most voters celebrate foreign interference when it works to their advantage, and gaslight their opponents to pretend it's evil when they don't like it. Pop politics has morphed into jewish psychological tricks, so you'd have to find somebody opposed to those to to talk to outside of Voat.

How is anybody going to turn on AIPAC when most people would have sunk the USS Liberty themselves given the chance?

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Most voters celebrate foreign interference when it works to their advantage, and gaslight their opponents to pretend it's evil when they don't like it.

This is most Humans.

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Exactly right. Israel got away with the USS Liberty, murdering JFK, and 9/11, and OP thinks that some fucking leaked ADL document is going to bring them down? FFS.

Details on Israel and 9/11:


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Nah, niggers and kikes are like that too.

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the republican side is being cleared out of dual loyalty members as we speak

Oh rlly? When will they clear out Trump and his entire family?

You don't have a fucking clue. The republican party is run by Christian Zionists.

Polling shows that 79% of Republican voters support Israel more in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (and support is holding steady at that number).

Only around 27% of Democrat voters support Israel more in that conflict. And that number is declining.

Around 42% of independents support Israel more, and that number is also dropping.




Why the split?

Around 80 million Americans are "Christian Zionists" (most of whom are Republicans).

In 1909 Zionists Jews funded the creation of a new version of the Bible called the Scofield Bible.

This new bible sort of replaces worship of Jesus with worship of the state of Israel.

It teaches it's members that Jews are God's chosen people - which means, of course, that gentiles (non-Jews) are the "unchosen" people.

This changed standard Christian doctrine which for almost 2000 years had taught that with the arrival of Jesus, Christians are now the Chosen People, not Jews.

So basically Christian Zionists believe that God wants them to serve Jews in general and the state of Israel specifically.

This new Scofield bible, plus a whole lot of Zionist money was used to create this totally new distorted version of Christianity - which is a version of Christianity that doesn't even exist (to any significant degree) outside the United States.

Most religious people have their top life values/priorities as:

  1. God

  2. family

  3. country

For the majority of Christians, this used to mean:

  1. Serving God/Jesus

  2. Help your family

  3. Serve America

Now for 80 million Christian Zionist, their values/priority are:

  1. Serving God, which means serving Israel

  2. Help your family

  3. Serving America

This new religion means serving Israel is more important to them then loyalty to their own country.

They've basically been turned into religiously indoctrinated pseudo-slave who serve the System of Zionists/Jewish Supremacy.

Here's some videos On the Scofield Bible:

How Christians were duped by the Scofield Bible.

"If Martians landed and earth and visited evangelical churches in America, they would think that Americans worshiped a god named Israel".


Pastor Chuck Baldwin Exposes the Dangers of Christian Zionist Theology

WHTT Podcast about Christian Zionism:


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I don't know, that sounds optimistic. You're not just fighting a deeply-rooted philosemitism, you're fighting the ruling globohomo order it carries with it, which is opposed to the very idea of self-determination, including identifying enemy powers blowing up government and sterilizing children.

Just like in Weimar Germany. Not counting the extra century of decay. I don't judge that from jewish media, but from real-life exchanges steeped in manipulation and shitty psychological tricks. People like that only change into sniveling foot-soldiers to keep themselves fed.

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Changes often come slowly, then suddenly.>

Accelerated during times of great economic upheaval. The ides of November are nigh.

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The Liberal Party of Canada donated heavily to Hillary Clinton's campaign. The news was released several times to little interest of thr American voter yet seemed to stir controversy amongst Canadians interestingly.

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The ADL president could probably rape children, live on CNN, and get away with it.

After all, this organisation was founded to defend the legacy of a dead pedophile kike.

What are you going to do about it, goyim?

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Kill all jews. The women, the children, the old kikes.. all of them.

Spare none.

It may not happen this year, maybe not next.. but it will happen. It is as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun.

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I agree with you that that will happen eventually but I truly believe we're decades away.

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The scales have to tip

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All jews are pedophiles, what you said is an oxymoron.

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I like the message you're sending.

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Suprize. I agree with your excellent analysis -- it actually is hopeful, and I feel hopeful. Perhaps the lynch pin, or turning point, or let's call it "tipping point", could be be Mitch McConnell? If he "sees it" and "gets it" and switches sides, perhaps things could change quickly -- but Mitch is literally married to China. But that may not actually be a bad thing. It seems pretty clear to me, the Rothschild cabal is trying to take out both Trump and Xi. What if the two actually are communicating, coordinating and working together? I am not sure that is happening, but if it is happening, it would make it easier for Mitch McConnell to switch sides.

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Thank you for your service, but please stop naming “Israel” the place inhabited by people calling themselves Jews.

Greece was the Israel of the Bible. There’s no isles Isaiah could be referencing in the “Jewish state”, which was Edom.

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And Voat called me crazy when I said China and the Jews are working together.

"Complaining about China is a distraction from Jews," voat said.

They are the same team. If you ignore one, the other member of the team bops you in the back of the head when you aren't looking. To focus on any one exclusively is a mistake.

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Suprize, again, really well said. I think the Jews tried to do the divide and conquer strategy, pit one side against the other, exploit rivalries, ambitions and loyalties -- try to get people angry and irrational. I think the Chinese figured it out, don't appreciate it, and are smarter than they are.

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I don't think that China and the fake nation of Israel are working together at this point, but I do believe that the Chinese are using and coordinating a body of anti-white Jews within the US.

China is trying to advance cultural marxism in the US, and Jews are the agents of that action. Specifically some in academia and the political machine. A lot of it is funded through Soros, who has financial ties to China.

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The USA is a puppet of ZOG...

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The ZOG runs on statism. The US is most amenable to this because it is a federation of states. The saving grace of the U.S. is that it's Constitution recognises natural rights, which (ironically for the Judenhass chuckleheads), traces back to Judaism via English common law from the time of King Alfred the Great.

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WAS A PUPPET............

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Can. Won’t. Reminder.

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I think somebody will, eventually ... hopefully sooner than South Africa.

Some subsets of White America are quite bellicose. It’s true the overall testosterone level has dwindled, but I doubt Whites are the only ones who’ve been targeted. It can be argued, we’re statistically likely to be least affected, because we’re still by far demographically dominant in rural areas, with fewer controls and more opportunities to be masculine.

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Where's the primary source?

Tired of jewy tricks.

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It depends on how much blood the public wants

All of it.

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Someone will know.

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If you tally up everything jews have been involved with and done over the past 2k years, we are talking millions of gallons here...

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