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I told people that in March and they looked at me like I was nuts. The masks and test kits were coming from Communist China, but these dip shits don’t understand the significance.

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I will look. Thanks!

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you are nuts

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A person can be nuts and right.

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Infect people with what? There is no virus.

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They could be infected with an actual, real virus.. but not COVYID-19 because that never existed.

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the virus exists...it's just overblown. just because they go to one extreme, doesn't mean you need to go to the other.

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Our health professionals have their heads so far up their medicated asses.

We were discussing this possibility here iirc around the time fruit and goats were testing positive in Africa.

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More than that. Who founded Randox? Dr. Peter Fitzgerald. Who is Peter Fitzgerald? He founded Triventures, a venture capitol company. Where is Triventures based out of? Israel



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E. F. T.

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It's extremely telling that they don't go into more specifics about the safety concerns. That's means it's exactly that... Covid infected.

If it was merely poor seals or unsanitary conditions or swabs that could break off in your nose they would say that.

The one thing they wouldn't disclose is that the tests were infecting people with covid.

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Test kits, made in China, by an infected workforce.

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And Walmart is selling products from China that are infected apparently.

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Why the fuck would they import shit kits from China of all places

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Because our democracies have been compromised by politicians that receive large donations from wealthy Chinese. See Liberal Party of Canada for additional details.

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If you had the so called virus you would just have to breathe on their swabs to infect them. You can’t convince me that they are not planting something in you. Putting something that deep into your nose is very invasive and bypasses all of your natural defenses. There is no reason in the world to be testing anybody that is not sick.

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So much propaganda about droplets, yet the test swab needs to be shoved almost into brain?

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