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She seeks Islamic conquest because that's the best thing for her fertility. As a cat lady, 0 children. Sold naked in chains on the auction block after Islamic conquest, considerably more children.

Only when her social status is no longer artificially inflated and she is returned to her natural role as property, and the choice is no longer hers, can a woman of one of the higher races successfully reproduce. You don't need to treat them quite the same as Moslems, but you do need to make it clear that they will have one man, who is chosen for them, for the rest of their life; if caught with another man they will die. You will find suddenly she has an overwhelming urge to bear that man's children.

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I'm torn on how to deal with terrible women in the time of revolution, most will try to jump ship to the winning side after the first couple of battles, and almost always they will come running to their conquerors. In our case we cannot accept them as we might accept our own women, all women are untrustworthy but the difference between our women and these whores of babylon is the difference between a child and and a serial killer, neither are trustworthy in the truest sense but one will kill you in your sleep and try to eat your brain and the other is expensive and breaks shit out of incompetence and emotional turmoil.

My feeling is that we just recruit the incells who are victims of todays sick society and give them the terrible women that they might do as they please with them. Once every incell has a basement wife I figure millions of these feral whores will still be left. If I could just send down mandates in the current social order maybe we could solve the problem by replacing these whores and cat ladies with a new generation.

Situation is fubar; women's rights, never again.

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Actually a genius comment.

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I'm torn on how to deal with terrible women in the time of revolution

The exact same that you should be treating them in peacetime: if they're on-board with your mission, your family, and your goals then great. Come along for the ride. First sign of any duplicity or reluctance, goodbye

The only difference is the impact to her... your goodbye during the Loo means she gets to become a warlord's prostitute.

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May Lord StBlops2cel guide and protect you

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basement wife

I guffawed.

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Pet dogs and cats are property. If I took someone's dog or cat and blew their head off, they would be really angry at me. Even if I offered them a replacement with $500 cash for vet expenses, they would still be upset with me even if it was an old, nearly-dead pet. I'm replacing their property with something more valuable. Why are they so upset?

Just because women are considered property, it has nothing to do with whether they are treated well or not. In the current situation where they are not property, they can be treated like shit. In the property situation, they could have been loved and cherished and treated very well.

Ultimately, women have been conned into passing up being a good man's beloved wife in order to be everybody's ho.

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-ly based

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but you do need to make it clear that they will have one man, who is chosen for them, for the rest of their life; if caught with another man they will die.


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Biologically women really are just baby-making machines.

Women were taught by Jewish communist media to focus on themselves. They were told that fulfilling their biological role they were built for was actually use and abuse. Then they were told they need to have a career and go to work, and I guess in some cases they were single and needed a shitty job to survive. Normally, women produced children, took care of children, taught children, took care of households (cooking and cleaning), and even took care of the elderly. They tended to function as a collective and would cover for each other when necessary. Now that women have abandoned their role, what has happened to all of this stuff.

Child bearing has been replaced with open borders. = Shitty brown people flooding in that hate us.

Child care has been replaced with day care. = Commercial/industrial bare minimum care by random women that could even be niggers.

Teaching has been replaced with public schools (private school if you've got the money). = Communist brainwashing centers.

Cooking has become McDonalds and Pizza Hut. = Unhealthy garbage.

Cleaning is either neglected or shared by men and women; however, a study found women lose respect for men who do house cleaning.

Elderly care has become nursing homes. = Similar to childcare and may involve random niggers providing minimal care with a possible side order of abuse and the smell of stale piss everywhere.

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This is all just reinforcement of the blackpill, as far as I'm concerned.

I don't want to put up with an animal that can't think rationally and will silently lose respect for me because I'm helping take care of my own living space, while that same animal refuses to do the job it will stop respecting me for doing.

They're just not worth the headache when every aspect of the system around them is turning them into pieces of shit who want everything but contribute nothing while actively refusing to obey common sense ground rules or basic relationship roles.

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So many women are like children and the world is just a big playground.

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Fact: even women who DO have kids go crazy. They are all fukn NUTS.

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post partum depression which can lead to them killing the baby in the crib which then gets classified as sids. they want the public to think that its a mysterious cause of death but thats what it really is.

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It's vaccine damage you fucking fag.

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It's also a symptom of women being druggy, media addicted faggot whores who will leave their baby alone for hours to choke on its spit.

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Hormone swings my fren. And they can get away with it because we still want to fuck them.

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Only after you're past the point of thinking pussy itself has any value, do you become capable of seeing women for what they are and treating them the way they deserve based on their abhorrent behavior.

Many of the people being called "incels" are actually guys who've romanced & fucked enough women to figure out their true nature, and have become disgusted, disillusioned, and disinterested as a result.

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Sent this to my childless sister in law. For the 4th time this month she's not speaking to me, until she needs something.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing ago 

Be careful. She might actually dox you to AnTifa

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Ive been enjoying seeing the posts of these eggless women in their 30s growing their hair back out and losing the piercings trying to get a husband. Those women have had more hot liquid dumped into them than your average coffee cup, don't give them a chance.

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The problem is that you don't have much options to choose from. What is the ratio of redpilled men to redpilled women? I'm betting no less than 5:1. Many of us will have to be happy with a converted whore or stay single and childless for life, adding to white genocide.

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You can't turn a whore into a house wife. You'll loose her, the house, and the kids. Trust me don't do it.

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There is no such thing as redpilled women. Women don't think independently from the rest of the women herd. They are more related to cattle animal, and I would gladly say this to any women who's open ears.

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Text version for readability:


A girl recently told me that she hopes her female dog would breed. Otherwise, the dog may have a false pregnancy where she pretends she is pregnant and shows increasingly unstable behavior. This was the first time I learned about the scientific condition in dogs called pseudopregnancy. I was immediately struck by how similar it is to the behavior of adult human women who don’t have babies, especially ones who live in the affluent West. After studying this condition extensively, I speculate that women who don’t fulfill their biological program of having children exhibit the disturbing signs of false pregnancy by becoming insane.

The symptoms of false pregnancy stem from hormonal changes. The female dog, which I will refer to as the “bitch” from this point on, experiences enlarged mammary glands and may secrete milk. Her abdominum swells, she gains weight, the vagina discharges a fluid, and there may be nausea and vomiting. The bitch may even exhibit cravings for certain foods alongside increased appetite.

Emotional changes are soon to follow. The bitch shows overt emotional attachment and even defensiveness for abstract objects like toys or clothing. Her nesting instinct causes her to hoard random objects like tennis balls, and she will often appear confused or disoriented. Other symptoms include aggression, depression, restlessness, and anxiety.

When I read the symptoms of canine false pregnancy, I realized that the majority of childless women over the age of 25 exhibit the exact same symptoms. The most obvious symptom that we can visually observe is weight gain. It is hard, if not impossible, to find a female past her fertile prime that is of normal weight.

Next, the human female shows emotional attachment to objects that are outside of her personal domain of home and family, specifically minorities and Islamic migrants. A childless woman collects animals and third world migrants like a bitch collects tennis balls, as if she is their mother trying to protect them from danger, but of course poor brown people are not her children, and may view her as stupid.

The barren human female also displays aggression against those who threaten her “children.” If you try to take away a tennis ball of a bitch who has false pregnancy, she will attack you. The same happens if you try to “take away” the brown migrants that a human female has coveted. She will be vicious in calling you racist, fascist, literally Hitler, and whatever bad man of history that she happens to remember from her history classes in high school.

Understand that aggression is the most dominant trait of the false pregnancy, because the bitch actually believes that someone is trying to kill her “offspring.” In human females, you see displays so full of anger and violence that even include calls for an uprising that overthrows or kills a democratically elected president. The nurturing instinct, which is useful in women who have children, goes horribly wrong in women who fail to have children.

If a woman doesn’t hoard brown migrants, she will procure a cat or dog and pretend that the animal is a human child. It is now common to see women dress up their pets as if they’re actual humans and talk to them using a baby voice. The motherly instinct becomes hijacked by these furry animals.

The other symptoms of false pregnancy, such as depression, restlessness, and anxiety, seem to perfectly describe childless Western females, who are so mentally ill that at least 25% of them need to be medicated with pharmaceutical drugs. The combination of their sterility and the extreme enabling of their behavior in Western culture has created a perfect storm that is leading to societal mass hysteria.

It turns out that false pregnancy is common in the mammalian world, occurring not only in dogs but also cats, mice, swine, and yes, humans. In human cases, the woman has to think she is falsely pregnant to be diagnosed with the disorder, but I believe that a woman experiences the same symptoms without actually thinking she is pregnant. When reading the scientific literature on female dogs, I had to remind myself that it wasn’t about human females—that’s how similar the clinical presentation of the symptoms are.

If you know a woman who is showing signs of false pregnancy, I recommend you do an intervention to remind her that she is not pregnant, brown migrants are not her children, and Donald Trump is not a threat to her pug. Unfortunately, there is no cure unless she actually becomes pregnant, but that would require her to emotionally bond with another human being and sacrifice for its needs in a way that goes beyond superficial virtue signalling. That may be asking for the impossible, but unless women start having babies, I expect them to continue descending into greater levels of madness.

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will i get murdered if i send this to female relatives?

[–] CouldBeTrump ago 

Women are unpredictable like that.

[–] ManchesterT 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Humping and fucking are supposed to result in pregnancy. That is the way its been for 99.99% of human existence.

By separating pregnancy from sex, we have removed love from sex, because the purpose of the bond between the two adults was to be a team to raise the kids together.

Biologically, women hate modern men because none of them can get her pregnant. To her hindering, they're all "sterile"- fake men pretending to be masculine, unable to bear fruit... never realizing the problem is HER

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Women aren't good at realizing anything.

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