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If you're offended by someone saying "kike", it's a good indicator you're a motherfucking kike.

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Call them anything you want, liar, leech, pedo, snake, and it will flow off their backs like water.

But call them a jew, and watch them recoil in pain as if struck as they think "ive been found out! "

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This is one of those things you don't really believe until you witness it yourself.

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My oldest wished one a "Happy Hanukkah!" and he said she almost fell from her recoil. She was bashing those of European decent just before he called her out.

The recoil when calling them out is very real, and can be entertaining.

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Exactly. All you have to do is call the Devil out.

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Name did you every chanceyou get

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Who's offended by "cracker?" I know of no one.

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That's the hilarity of being white...our big ol brains make the best jokes and insults!!

Cracker??? Lol you spear chucking porch monkey nigger ape monkeyfucker mudblood cannibal jew-golem shitskin coon!!!


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Everything is projection with them.

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Neo Leftists take offence on behalf of others.

Whites are the enemy of the neo leftist hence nobody pretends to be offended.

Similarly, nigger was a term to describe blacks based on their origin. That is it.

No different from calling a white man a euro. Because he decends from europe.

Or a slav a slav.

And chick, is merely the female version of dude.

Yet neo leftist put a penalty on these terms, because they want to limit your thougt.

How can you promote or fight an idea if you cant define it?

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Cracker because it's the sound the whip makes? Doesn't that just say we are your superiors? Why would that be insulting?

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I told my mother the other day that Michael Jackson had “kike” in one of his songs and she didn’t believe me. Why do boomers defend him no matter what?

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Huh? How did not beleiving you = defending him? What'd he do wrong?

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She insulted him.

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Which one?

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Let the Jews waste their money on propaganda no one will ever watch

Except that tons of people eat this shit up. Seth Rogen is a big fat jewish faggot, but he is worshiped by consoomers.

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"a controlled industry" is a really weird typo of "satanic Jewish child raping cult that promotes their own"

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This would be impossible or very difficult to prove but I am certain that for 90% of the people in Hollywood to get big they either a.) have to have sex with the sleazy revolting producers to get their positions or b.) they have to be involved in some sick depravity like pedophilia that they can be blackmailed on.

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They are Jews Jews are pedophiles every single one of them look at the transvestites transsexuals they’re Jewish look at the Hollywood shit they are Jewish also in politics the ones who are left either Jewish Schumer big nose Jewish AOC Jewish sorrows Jewish Falchi Jewish gates the poisonous fuk jew

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And justifies killing all the jews.

Let the purge begin!!

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Some quick wiki notes...

  • He has described his parents as "radical jewish socialists"
  • Dropped out of high school at 16
  • Married almost 10 years, zero children
  • Is critical of twitter because they "have a bizzare need to verify white supremacists." Referring to Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler. Go look up the name "Kessler".
  • Supports BLM
  • Was in a Bud Light commercial with Amy Schumer for LGBT month and pushed sexist pricing differences for things like shampoo. Go look up "Schumer" and her uncle Chuck.

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Apparently, Kessler was originally a German name, albeit like other many German surnames (Berg, Stein, etc.) it was coopted by jews in order to blend in German society. Once one understands this, it becomes clear why they were made to wear stars to identify them for who they were.

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  • Is retarded.

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schumer's were able to get wokeflix to remove their member reviews after her fat girl tainted vagina comedy special was unanimously hated.

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No kids is actually a good thing.

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He plays the role of a total loser excellently in his films because it turns out he is one in the real world already

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He is rich and famous, so..

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So having jew money and featuring in kew movies makes you a better person why? You must be a jew yourself.

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so is richard simmons

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Being racist against white people is now deemed “anti-racist” by the Hollywood elite.

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Burning his own audience too. White stoners.

He has utterly failed to pivot to a female and "other diverse" audiences when he's tried.



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If you claim white genocide, demographic replacement, and diversity hiring (hiring fewer whites) are good then they are real. As soon as you challenge them it's an anti Semitic conspiracy theory

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I can't stand that piece of shit. I was a huge fan of the Preacher comics series by Garth Ennis......but what this loser did to the TV series was an abomination. He basically used it as a massive blueprint for SJW brainwashing. Screw him....

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Making Tulip a black bitch who was so half of what that character was in the comic to Jesse and the series as a whole fucking ruined it totally.

He must have learned his lesson cuz The Boys thankfully isn't that cucked and is pretty good take on the source material. Season two comes out soon though so let's see what happens. I'm not getting my hopes up.

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Yep, and making Jesse Custer a bit of a cucked male, the Hitler crap, etc. it was all crap.

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Lol...also see what he did to the green latern.

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Stormfront is a woman and Billy is a cuckolded by Homelander. What do you mean they are sticking to the source material?

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yeah what he did to preacher was unforgivable, making the saint look weak is a sin against nature

[–] Angelique ago 

I never read the comics, but the show was unwatchable.

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