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And yet Hillary Clinton is the only "viable" candidate. The state of politics is a god damn shame.


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You mean the state of the media. Here's the direction the Gallup polls are trending with regards to Bernie.

March 2015:

  • Hillary: 89% familiar, 50% favorable, 39% unfavorable

  • Sanders: 24% familiar, 12% favorable, 12% unfavorable

July 2015 (most recent Gallup data) :

  • Hillary: 89% familiarity, 43% favorable, 46% unfavorable

  • Sanders: 44% familiarity, 24% favorable, 20% unfavorable

The primaries don't begin until February. Alot can happen between now and then but on our current track Sanders is going to be the next candidate for president. His only problem is getting his message out which is something that's pretty straight forward and happens with time. Hillary's problem is people know of her and like her until they hear her message. Then they stop liking her. That's a much more fundamental problem that's only going to get worse with time unless she seriously changes her message. But frankly that also might not help. I think the problem for Hillary is people see her for what she is - a shameless panderer who will say and do anything to help her own political career. Suddenly going 180 on her message is just going to make that even more evident.