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Make posts about white people saying this stuff then.

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She's not wrong. She is just not saying anything that 1000s of us (you know, white men) are already saying.

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I would make mulatto babies with her before ever touching a white leftist feminist.

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And in 50-100 years, your descendants would spit on your grave and be fighting to exterminate whatever remains of the white race.

A white leftist might be a total cunt, but that doesn’t doom your kids to be. And it gives you a chance to have offspring that would fight to preserve your culture, your beliefs, your heritage, and your race against total annihilation.

We have to think long-term here.

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Biden only has 10% support

Rothchilds making everyone broke on purpose

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Vote democratic or we'll destroy your jobs, your family, your country, your ability to move and your freedom.

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Vote Democrat and they will do it anyway

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they will do it anyway

They will not do it anyway because they hate you, they will do it anyway because what democracy makes them do.

In order to stay in power, they need your vote. They will get your vote when you need them. The more they fuck you up, the more you need their "help". Thats a classic protection racket, but thats a scheme "our democracy" incentivizes. Abolish democracy, and this shit will stop. Continue believing in democracy, and you will continue feeding the racketeers.

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Who was president when coronavirus happened again? I can't remember. He has 2 choices. Either crack down hard on it and it'd be pretty much gone a month ago, or pretend it wasn't an issue, death rates are low, so let herd immunity run it's course. But he flip-flopped in between. So we are where we are now.

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Well, I voted for Trump 3.5 years ago and we're in this situation now.

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Sheboon: Mup Da Doo Didda Po Mo Be Dat Tum Bix Nood Mahfuggah

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Black ppl aren't niggers, words have meaning and only kikes manipulate the meaning of words to control the narrative.

Doesn't change the fact that they all belong in Africa.

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A monkey sometimes flings shit at the right people.

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There is no such thing as a based groid. They ALL need to go.

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If something goes your way, allow it to happen.

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It's already gone my way so how would I be 'allowing' it at that point?

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Still posting Candoxx...I see....

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