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If this was a white guy with a black girl...and the white person said this shit..it would be viral.

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Niggers are so pathetic. This one learned projection from his Jew masters. And victimhood. Of course the nigger at the table is with a white woman. Who can blame him? He's elevating the DNA of his species. If (God forbid) he makes babies on that white woman, their IQ will almost certainly be ten points higher than his. Why wouldn't he try to get a white woman? But the nigger with the camera is trying to pull him down to his own level. As for the white woman, if she had any common sense (which doesn't always come with IQ points) she would be somewhere else with her own race.

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Good. Fucking coal burner. Hopefully that nigger she's dating kills her.

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

Judging by his lack of chimpout I'd say that might be unlikely in this (rare) instance.

But yeah fuck coalburners.

[–] Catfishbelly ago 

Yeah he seemed like a really big pussy.