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I think this is true, the jews work hard to reduce us to the lowest common denominator.

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Another word invented by a jew, probably.

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"Spandrell" is one of our guys and his Bioleninism theory nails it. Politics appeals mostly to power hungry dregs who either absolutely fail at everything, or risk everything and win power. They can't live normal lives so they become revolutionaries who accurately, in their perspective, see a "winner takes all" game in front of them. Conservatives don't know what they're up against.

[–] Dan_McGlashan [S] ago 

The main problem, to my mind, is that as society gets easier and larger, the proportion of it that are dregs also gets larger. We've had it so good for so long that most of us now are too weak to have survived in any earlier era. It seems to me that we're in for some serious pain.

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The author sounds like a jaded social reject.

The assumption that "intellectuals and philosophers" are the world's natural leaders? Ridiculous.

[–] Dan_McGlashan [S] ago 

Alright genius, who are the world's natural leaders? George Floyd?

[–] Sheitstrom ago 

Personable, well-spoken and radiant people who naturally attract attention and bring out the best in others are natural leaders.

Self-declared "intellectuals and philosophers" are usually the university professor fuckwads trying to upend western civilization.