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Meanwhile I cannot attend my grandmother's funeral and I'm a radical extremist for being outraged by such hypocrisy .... And then for no reason at all.

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Why can't you attend her funeral? Go anyway. I would. No one has the right to deny you of saying goodbye to your grandmother. Sounds like your family is the problem. Tell them to F off. Your grandmother would want you to go. Please go.

[–] Kregan ago 

I appreciate your words and sentiment sincerely and thank you. However the geographic separation of my family combined with covid restrictions has rendered us incapable of properly conducting a ceremony with all of us their. We are trying to find a compromise bit this bullshit with covid has fucked everything up.

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So sorry for your loss.

That is just so wrong.

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That wasn't a funeral it was a campaign rally

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Complete with Bathhouse Barry giving a stump speech.

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If they called it a protest against death they would be A-OK

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where are the fucking lawyers! where are the lawsuits! where are the funeral homes that dont give a fuck and say comeon we will let u have a funeral this is fucking insane

[–] el_chivo ago 

I have been asking the same question and I think this silence gives us our answer. We are so unprotected, so over litigated and the power of the state and its goons seems so overwhelming that not only are individuals terrified to speak out but so are entire communities. The possibility of losing everything is real. I firmly think that we won’t see anything until there is one of us that has nothing to lose reacts. The “Arab Spring” which gained so much media attention was kicked off due to a man self immolating. The media carried the story and a fed up populace reacted.

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Like every other issue in America we must have special rules for the blacks are equal to us in every way

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Covid doesn't cross political lines either.... whodathunkit?

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If everyone can line up for and crowd for "civil-rights funerals", they can damn well vote in-person.

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No nigger or jew should even be in America.

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I don't mind. May they all get covid and die.

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

I have COVID right now. If this virus kills you you weren’t long for this world

[–] Mr_big ago 

I had it man watch out for your lungs mine are fucked up still. I have noticed that vitamin C actually helps my lungs feel better. Take vit C

[–] superspathi ago 

Kills some people. Good luck to you.

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