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It's not about the vaccine, it's about creating a system where they can track who has and hasn't gotten the vaccine, and to limit people's freedoms based on vaccine history. They don't really care, the vaccine could be a placebo. Everyone is so worked up about the side effects and the fact that the vaccine won't be safe. That's a concern, but it's not the real problem. The real problem is how COVID and a vaccine will be used to deny people basic rights based on their vaccination history.

They got people to take their fucking shoes off when they go through airport security, they can do anything they want and most people will accept it.

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It's beyond that. Because the vaccine will be made mandatory for many workplaces and commercial establishments, one will have to show record. Paper and phone records will be a hassle, not accepted everywhere or not reliable unlike the v-coding incorporated in id2020 that keeps all your inoculations, heath records, work badges, bus passes, bank cards, driver's licence, etc at the swipe of the wrist.

This calls for wisdom.


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There are a lot of goals (((they))) are trying to accomplish.

1. Big pharma has wanted to force vaccines on adults for a while and this is the perfect excuse. If it works expect dozens of new vaccines in the next few years to be mandatory. Everything from Lyme Disease to the Flu will be required to go into a simple grocery story.

2. The concept that people should suffer a minor harm for a small public benefit will also be ingrained in the public. We know the mask harm whoever wears it. That's why doctors only wore them during surgery or peak flu season. The same goes for the vaccines. Now the public is supposed to bear the harm of side effects for the minor public benefit of supposedly saving 80 and 90 year olds.

3. The vaccine is a route to weaken the population. The smartest thing to do right now would be to give an inert vaccine. All viruses drop off in the summer, and they could claim a cure if they opened up everything a used the inert vaccine. Right now the leading vaccine in the U.S. is the Moderna one. A young healthy person has a higher chance of getting hospitalized from the Moderna vaccine than the general population (health and sick, young and old) has of being hospitalized from COVID-19. If the population is made sicker, there is no one to protest the fed. There is no one to protest the illegal immigration. The (((politicians))) can do whatever they want.

4. Along with the health problems created in (3), selectively sterilization the population is another goal. A few more bad vaccines will make it impossible for the population to have kids. Also, since the mRNA type vaccines like the one Moderna is pushing can alter your DNA, your kid will likely be sterilized even if you are lucky enough to not be sterilized.

5. The lock down is bankrupting all the small businesses. This will make the population even more easy to control. Cash will be even easier to get rid of. Look at how they are basically confiscating coins now if you have any doubt they are using this crisis to force us to go cashless.

The COVID-19 scam is like a wet dream for all of the evil plans (((they))) hoped to accomplish.

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Travel by plane, entry into grocery stores, crossing international and later state borders. Meanwhile illegals with AIDS, Typhoid, and Smallpox will be allowed to stroll into western countries at will.

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Same as it ever was .... ever increasing control of populace.

A similar type of aggression and dominance previously practiced by the Military Industrial complex on foreign nations (of previous decades) through Geo-politics, is now being carried out by the Multi-National Corporates/ Big Pharma/ Federal Govt against it's own citizens ....

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Agenda 21

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Bill Gates doesn't want us to find out that we don't need to be vaccinated against a mild chest cold.

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Yep. They are doing their silence method of not uttering a peep out of it. The solution is to keep talking about HDC to everyone you can.

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Reaching for that 500 million to appease the georgia guide stones.