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Everything planned parenthood does is satanic.

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I had to down vote you. Margaret Sanger wanted less blacks mexicans and retards to be born. if she had not started planned parenthood we would have 40 million more blacks in america. so thats evil she caused 40 million black babies to die... so how many more whites would have been raped murdered and tortured if there were 40 milliom more blacks? how many more mixed babies democrats and socialist communist would control everything turning america communist or leading to a civil war where how many would die?

so you got 18 upvotes from people that dont think about unintended consequences

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Except there are also whites who do it too. I agree that it's good all of those future rapists weren't born but the over all plan is to kill all non Jewish babies, whites included. That's what's evil. That's why I'm only pro life for my own race. The rest can decide amongst themselves

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Margaret Sanger promoted voluntary sterilization. It wasn’t until after she left that — surprise surprise — a jew took over, dropped all talks of sterilization and promoted abortion as the only answer.

You cannot decimate an r-selected species by targeting the offspring. The jew knows this.

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you forgot about how a) planned parenthood is a jew organization now and b) they push abortion to sell the parts of aborted fetuses. simultaneously getting White people to be "divided" on abortion and pushing it as a "humane thing to do". abortion clinics are about as jewish as you can get.

did you see the "pre born blm" people get arrested? can't question the jews and how they make money.

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Not satanic, molec /moloc a jewish god of BABY SACRIFICE

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Yes satanic, they are a synagogue of satan who call themselves Jews, but are liars. Exhibit A: the star of Remphan which they lie and call the Star of David.

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Not satanic,

It is.

molec /moloc a jewish god

A demon, plays as a god.

Leviticus 18:21 "And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.

Acts 7:43 "Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon."

The jewish peoppe utilize the Star of Remphan, not David, in their symbology. They are a wretched and satanic race. Demons have ranks, and Moloch/Molech is among the highest. The king of the Canaanites, which if you recall were not systematically eradicated as was God's command.

Reap what you sow.

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Any chance you remember the name of that 'new' ocean going ship that was bought by Planned Parenthood which does (in international waters ofcourse) free abortions???

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This year planned parenthood will kill more niggers than niggers can. It’s not all bad.

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And more people altogether than jew flu 19

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Bill gates' daddy was head of planned parenthood.

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"If you have sex with a person who makes sperm" Oh we used to have a word for that. Maine, mane, mayen...Oh I remember MAN

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Don't forget to add "And if you have a cervix" ....

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At least they're still narrowing it down to 'person'. Give it another couple years and they'll be recommending 'mammals'.

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As cold as this sounds, the mother should sever all ties with her daughter and move on until that child with childish spite and vengeance in her heart finally has an adult realization and comes crawling, yes crawling, begging at her mother’s feet for forgiveness for her stupid ways. Until then, that mother has every right to be as a ghost and vanish from her life.

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Mother should have done better, the jews baited her away from good mothering and let the system do it. The kid didn't trust the parent that's why the parent was left in the dark.

That trust is what matters, it was never established. The child trusted the community that has zero mutual respect (the community is presented as a caring being being, it is not) over the mother because the mother had no idea what was goin on from decades of indoctrination. See boomers. They just can not allow them selves to be wrong now so they stay with thier 'standard thinking ' and say your wrong because it goes against my indoctrination.

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Fair points all around. Boomers don’t care about anything important when it goes against any preconceived notions they might have had on a topic. You could provide them a library’s worth of evidence of Jew subversion but because Fox News calls them our “greatest ally,” all of that evidence is useless to them... Boomers do have a few great attributes and that is saying fuck you to being woke and knowing the importance of DIY, hands on labor/activities. The boomers have great working spirit, but fuck are they stubborn and devilishly greedy.

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changing your parenting ways to be that of a black father sounds like the worst idea i have ever heard.

i demand to know how long your nose is.

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I can see where you’re coming from with that perspective, but can you imagine your child laughing in your face to be spiteful to you about your concern for their permanent well-being? I didn’t say disappear completely, just distance yourself from the radioactivity as to not die by the proximity poisoning. It’s clear this mother made terrible choices raising her child and in her relationships with men, but shit, when does the child become accountable for their own total idiocy?

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The kid is likely autistic and cant really think for themselves tbh, mother needs to protect her till she is a little older, or till this transtrender bullshit passes.

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Why is insurance being accepted at Planned Parenthood? Thats a huge fucking fraud flag right there.

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That's part of the Federal Reserve System and Congresses plan, to take your money and Power by any means necessary.

These niggers are good as dead as soon as (((they))) no longer have a usefulness of taking down the jews perceived enemy that is rooted from mental issues rooted in severe incestual reproduction.

This covers the Who, What, Were, When, Why, and How the "Federal Reserve System" was conceptualized, birthed, and operated and what it's objectives really are.


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Sick and demented.

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Why would an organisation masquerading as women's health have male hormones in stock?

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Well they are big into destroying women’s reproductive abilities

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"If you have sex with a person who makes sperm, you need to use birth control to prevent pregnancy, just in case," the document additionally advises.

A person who makes sperm. A person who has a cervix.

Very soon they will ban "man" and "woman."

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these people are just crazy both the trans and their enablers

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Are Disgusted or sickened any of the options for $600 please ...

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