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I am so dammed tired of the Portland rioters. I think it is way past time for APACHE GUN SHIPS ROARING IN WITH MINI-GUNS BLAZING. When they see a THOUSAND of their good friends lying in pools of blood they might think that this shit isn't really as neat as they have been told.

After all things in RUSSIA when all to hell when the CZAR quit sending in the mounted COSSACK'S with sabers flashing. Of course Lenin and Stalin didn't make that mistake!!

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Very understandable, but we ought appreciate how your feelings, and those similar to it, are continuing to percolate through the white majority and what effect it is having upon them. To have such an archetypical liberal bastion — the poster-child for leftist mobs — in the news night-after-night, for indulging in such pointless incivility, may be a greater sociopolitical gift than it might otherwise seem.

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I see the Bible burning tantrum by Antifa as hysterical. God will reward them in kind.

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So who's gonna take the blame for this one if it even makes it to MSM? Russian bots, boogaloo boys, dissident right or just good ol fashioned white supremacists?