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Its funny because they defend Islam to the death, but a true Islamist would be throwing this fags off a roof the first second they got. They bash Christianity, yet it seems to be the only religion which is bastardizing itself and opening its doors to faggots.

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Your comment is so misguided that I don't even know where to start.

Islam allows faggotry. Sodomy is allowed in the Koran. That's why Moslem countries like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan have Bacha Bazi. Moslems are also allowed to sexually abuse girls of other religions (like in the UK).

Biblical Christianity doesn't allow any of that. Many churches have been subverted, but those are not Christian churches any more.

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what did I say, I said modern Christianity accepts faggots. Islam does not. Please show me where in the koran faggotry is allowed. I am not defending Islam, I am not a Muslim. I am just stating what I see. I see churches with rainbow flags, women priests, child molesting, etc. From what I see in Islam I see fags getting chucked off of roofs, and women who whore themselves getting stoned to death. I know the bible does not allow faggotry or any other jew pushed behavior, but I see it being practiced. The only place where I see traditional Christianity being practiced is in Eastern Europe.

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Its funny because they defend Islam to the death, but a true Islamist would be throwing this fags off a roof the first second they got. They bash Christianity, yet it seems to be the only religion which is bastardizing itself and opening its doors to faggots.

Christianity's problem is, and has always been, the belief that salvation is tied to their unconditional support of today's identity thieving mongrels masquerading as the chosen ones - it's the fake chosens who have fucked up Christianity by twisting the Western man's immense capacity for virtue and integrity against itself and weaponizing his compassion (or should we say HER compassion?).

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Here's the Theological kicker for anyone who gives a fuck.

Its not.

[–] steven_feelsperg ago  (edited ago)

has always been

Nope. The message has always been:

* unite with your White kin

* cut all ties with non-whites

* don't muh dick

* don't be a petty bitch

Rome was so cucked in its last days, it gave citizenship to all shitskins and allowed them to hold offices. They didn't like the idea of Whites uniting, so they subverted Christ's message with universality, drove Whites out of town, were blacklisted, hounded, and murdered.

We're very close to the same persecution today for the same reasons by the same people. To them, you're Christian if you're White, and you're slated for death.

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Christcuckery has bigger problems than that. It's an ethnoreligion for Jews, and if you're not an ethnic Jew, you're not even considered human to Yeshua ben Yosef, who came to save none but the lost sheep of the house if Israel.

[–] whatisbestinlife ago 

its funny because you don't understand that antifa/jews worship death. they wish to die thats why they provoke you. but they are never rebuked and continue on living and growing in numbers which means that it must be fate for them to do so.

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I dont think that is true that they worship death. Most of these people are cowards who would not act unless they were in a large group. I would hazard a guess and say most of them come from single parent households, have abusive parents, or grew up in poverty, and this is why they act out.

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What a bunch of self hating faggots. Do the world a favor and end white oppression by committing suicide.

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They arent going to upset their master. Notice its always Christ that the jew and their pets attack. They are the synagogue of Satan.

[–] PsyOp ago 

Yeah! The Synagogue of Satan! The jews have always been human sewage, so why is it that the christians keep letting them into their countries...over and over and over and over and over again, hundreds of times? And why do the christians NEVER lift a finger to stop the jews from destroying the places they're in charge of until they themselves are in danger? What's happening in America and Europe today also happened in Russia, prior to the revolution...exact thing happened to Germany, too, during the Wiemar Republic. But when Herr Hitler came to power and started cleaning house and defending his country, the christians in the US and Europe joined forces with the communist jews attacked him on behalf of the jew!

Your days on this planet are numbered, asshole!

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new age atheism is basically anti-Christianity

[–] Plavonica ago 

Jews even infiltrated atheism for fucks sake. You cannot get away from their meddling.

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Kill them God.

[–] PsyOp ago 

When has your worthless (fictitious) god ever done anything to help you cowardly fucking imbeciles?

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He's not your god.

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They just want to do their teen age rebellion thing against what they were brought up with.

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It's not rebellion when you have talmudic masters herding you into it.

[–] DesolationRoad ago 

useful idiots, nothing more to say about it...if you know kids let them know not to follow other herds. Start your own movement.

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What if a bunch of people infiltrated the protesters and threw the koran or talmud onto the burning bibles? Would the protestors put out the fire?

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oh wow burning bibles so daring and edgy..

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At least they're buying Bibles. That'll show those Christians they mean business...

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There will be a reaction if they do that. Meanwhile Christian will not go to church like the government tells them and watch bible burning.

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