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We could still have tacos, sushi, and whichever of those other foods are actually good with a 90%+ white population.

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I served in Vietnam to bring you pho

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Bingo, It's kind of like how Japan can have great Western, Mexican, Indian, etc. food without any non-Japanese in their country, not that we need non-white food in our countries anyway.

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We can send good white Chef's to be taught these recipes in shitholecountries

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The funniest shit is when Gordon Ramsey goes to an Indian restaurant and teaches a fuckin' dothead how to cook curry chicken correctly.

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What's tragic is that British cooking for example used to be "diverse" and delicious but without the diversity, until the world wars forced them to cut back and simplify their cooking based on what they had available in wartime conditions. But after the wars, the women never went back to cooking properly again, and the stereotype of horrible British cooking (and dentistry) stuck. They only got their imperial era food back when they began taking in immigrants, which never ended.

Predictably, the women were cheering for the immigrants.

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Worst "We Didn't Start the Fire" verse ever.

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The way pro-multicultural people focus on food has always been abhorrent to me.

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‘Saltfish’ is a new one to me. Anyone know what that is? Looks like either drug or food-related.

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vindaloo is from the Portuguese, it was brought to India.

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EXACTLY. We need JUSTICE or there will be NO peace.

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I like seeing the Muslims selling bean pies out of a suitcase on the street corner.