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If I was the UK I'd say, "Well, let's let the EU's navy take on the UK's navy as they protect UK fishing vessels."

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The UK's navy, last I checked, no longer rules the waves.

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I bet they can kick the EU navy's ass, though. Shit, I'm pretty sure Mexico's navy could kick the EU navy's ass.

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C'mon everyone knows the fish moved because of politics and climate change not because the EU mismanaged their fisheries. (not making it up)


Zonal attachment will benefit UK fisherman because more fish have moved to British waters as a result of climate change since Common Fisheries Policy catch shares were set in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Simple solution:
All fish placed onto a boat, are now political refugees.
And, all niggers (sand, coal, or otherwise) are to be given 10 mile offshore swimming experience, as an introduction to historical British naval culture.

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fish have value

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This happened back in the 70s too btw. One of the Scando countries literally started poaching UK fish stocks. The EU has always wanted the UK fish territories because there's a unique warm water current called the Gulf Stream that delivers mature fish all the way around to Northern Scotland from their spawning grounds - even the famous eels in middle-English canal systems originate in the Sargasso Sea - the UK landmass and sea-system is literally a natural wonder).

I'd give a fuck by the UK is streetshitter mudrat central now and they need to start fighting for what's theirs or lose it forever. They don't know or care what they have and they need to start to fear it's loss.

But...also, China is literally doing this everywhere now. World wide, fish stocks are plummeting. It's why shark attacks are on the rise. And we need to do the same as noted above.








We don't owe anybody anymore discussion, haggling or words anymore. There's no end of avenues and platforms and international forums for this. And they still just sneak and steal. They lack honor. They are untrustworthy. And so can't be trusted to keep to a promise or a deal. We can't share the world with bodies like that. Because they'll always seek to cheat. Let them eat bugs.

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Technically, Britain owning everything above the waves, and Germany owning everything under them, is historically accurate.