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This shows the FBI is actively seeking leverage against Trump, not that they didn’t find anything.

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Wew lad selective journalism

[–] AbrahamShekelstein ago 

Oh so now the FBI is NOT corrupt?😅

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What evidence? There's so many pictures and videos of them together. Trump even wishes JizzLane well, which is code for "I'll pardon you if you don't name me". What the fuck is this bullshit you're posting?

EDIT: I guess I found two fake accounts from Azibase trying to promote some stupid bullshit website. Guess I'll add more to the block list. PS your website looks like a teenager made it.

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Wow dude youre an absolute retard. Hes being cheeky. Youre so fucking stupid

[–] uvulectomy ago 

That's the leftist way. Words mean exactly what you said if it can be used against you. But if words can be used against them, then the meaning is suddenly flexible.

[–] juschippinyababe ago 

Nice assumption, stupid.