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Police don't have a monopoly on violence. The mafia, hells angels, ms-13... there are a ton of groups that engage in violence and get away with it. Yes, the CIA, FBI, etc also get away with it, but there is no monopoly.

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All untrue; every such group operates with clandestine state sanction. The 21st century sucks ass exactly bc such groups were systematically neutered and enveloped by the state.

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The foundation of any government is its codified monopolization of violence. All government actions are, at the end of the day, done with threat of violence for non-compliance. Fines are enforced with threats of violence, imprisonment is enforced with threats of violence. Judicial decisions are enforced with threats of violence. All any government of any size has, at the end of the day, is violence. Everything above and beyond that is simply an invitation to comply with the rules with a very clearly understood "or else" appended to it. Governments may authorize retaliatory violence in narrow measures (self defense and defense of others) or they may prohibit even that (UK, anyone?), but they claim is as solely being their power, overall.

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Jew led groups like antifa and blm can commit violence with no repercussions. Any attempt to defend yourself while white will result in a long sentence.

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