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Have some fun with this.

  1. Send her a PM

  2. Automatically get subscribed to NSA chain monitoring

  3. Call, tweet, or message obnoxious leftists (and other assholes in your life), so they get monitored, too.

  4. Have beer and smile.

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Kek, you are on the list now pal. Oh shit we all are, double shit, the FBI is literally reading every reply to this thread in realtime. Kek.

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That cunt was stalking me!!! She joined Voat two days after I did. I had the same username on reddit and spent a few days deleting everything I ever posted or commented on just before they banned r/ Coontown.


It was only up for an hour or two before I deleted even that. Haven't been back since. (except for you bastards that direct linked to that shithole)

I wonder how many of those kikes routinely monitor us here?

edit: Spez has been here even longer. https://voat.co/u/spez

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Why not use a different name...?

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I know the answer to this.

Personal branding and ego.

Even as a multi-millionaire there's a mental sickness to the idea that all the shit you say is important and you want everyone to know it came from "you", even if you never reveal your physical self, but that those who follow can attribute the similar viewpoints to one entity and you get to carry the prestige of two communities (or more) instead of just one.

It's why chan boards get so much right in terms of free speech and expression. No tripfagging.

It stems from the idea that you haven't nor will you ever do anything wrong. The idea of having to slink around using a different username everywhere you go as some sort of indication that you are pre-emptively doing something wrong; thank social media for that.

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I use different names in different circles just bc each is organized for different purposes and w different vibes.

Also she never posted anything. Why not like "lurker48282"

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Its hers but I doubt she ever used it. If anything its her publicists handle.

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Why would her publicists have an unused VOAT account?

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Maybe so no one else can claim it. It's pretty common in publishing/media. If so similar accounts should be on several other platforms.

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Friday Friday Friday!

If you are not anticipating Friday’s court proceedings..., imagine Maxwell’s heart beating, tomorrow is Thursday..., how much longer can this go on before she is forced to testify in front of a judge..

Friday Friday Friday!!

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Love her.

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Nice catch. Her join date has a 27 in it too!

(joined on: 5/27/2015)

27 27 27 27 27

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