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To be fair he said he didnt want HIS children to grow up in a jungle. Its ok that your kids must

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"it's not enough that I succeed, others must fail" -a leftoid faggot

that's how all of these degenerate "elites" think. it's not enough to live in the mansion on the hill, it must be overlooking a brazilian favela

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They rationalize it as raising everyone else up to their level. Only not giving any of their own wealth and power away, just redistributing other people's wealth and power.

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Joe Biden from the 70's seems like a pretty cool guy. If THAT Joe Biden was running against President Trump it would be a very interesting election because he was to the right of where Trump is on a lot of positions.

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now hes just a confused guy who bends to every whim of the DNC

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Good point. This actually connects his utter mindlessness to our reality. I just needed to reframe my thinking.

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Sorry, we're out political parties to represent you...

more fiscal responsibility

The GOP sure gives lip service to this while they're putting together 2-trillion-dollar bailout packages for banks and airlines.

less war

Both parties were in favor of going into Syria a few years ago. Both parties voted for drone strikes in Afghanistan.

No tax breaks for corporations or CEOs who offshore

Both parties have mentioned this in speeches, and I don't see any laws being drafted to stop it.

I would like tighter immigration laws

This one Trump is actually, sorta, in favor of, although he's not been doing a good job of it.

An end to higher education subsidies.

Both parties are working on student loan forgiveness packages, so that's not happening.

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Well, his kids are now all grown up, that’s why he doesn’t give a shit anymore.

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Got that link to his blacks are super predators video?

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Awesome find. Now he's the best friend to the blacks. Or so he thinks. Old pos, fool.

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Joe Biden doesn't want children to grow up period! "they're juicier when young" his words in minecraft

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Make anti-miscegenation great again!

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Based. I like 1977 Biden.

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