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So damn true.

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That's not true at all. BLM has told the world it's a bad idea to have black immigration.

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That too, but clearly it's told everyone that it hates White ppl and it they want revenge and destruction of the Whites. Slavery too and any and all bad shit they want to do to White ppl.

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Exactly. There will be nothing but hate and despise for them and Jews globally after this.

[–] BlackSunRising ago 

Same thing.

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"Masks are mandatory for white people but not black people, bigot."

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That county in Oregon, and the CDC and various other news agencies stating protesting is more important that wearing masks and social distancing. Then they have the nerve to say people are making it political, those people already made it political.

Also: God Gavin Newsome banned singing in church. What a complete asshole.

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I'm pretty sure it made everyone across the board extremely racist.

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Exactly... 10 years ago nobody was like this. Then all of a sudden "normal" people on both sides are being called racist for doing nothing wrong. What do you expect to happen after that? One half will virtue signal and the other half will choose to be racist...

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I wonder which side the niggers will make me choose.

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Wir mussen die juden azrotten.

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Ohhh... I don't know about that.

I think that movement has taught a lot of White people about hate.

HATE IS GOOD. HATE IS POWER. Only humans can HATE. HATE is pure.

Hate will separate us from the subhumans.

MARK!... mark mark mark

Mark my words.

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As I always say:

Furious anger consumes. Righteous anger strengthens.

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You're not feeling the love white people? /s

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I’ve seen an outpouring of support from the Japanese lol

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They are based.

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It also taught people who didn't hate blacks or were indifferent to them. To begin to hate them as their family members died due to ambulances not getting to them quick enough thanks to blm attention whoring riots or random blacks empowered with the blm hysteria to attack innocent white people over literally nothing. And claim it's instinct.

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Never realized the Bureau of Land Management hated whites so much.

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Didn't they have a hand in Waco?

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Bundy Ranch

[–] heywoodnj ago 

That blm isn't racist. That petty fiefdom hates everyone equally.

[–] tony2shirts ago 

It's the perfect time to take out the blm(land one) right now... in minecraft.

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black people found out how much they are hated when the hispanics in Chicago attacked them for scoping out the areas they live. Remember a black guy had a spear thrown at him by a hispanic?

Also the video of the arabs protecting their businesses taken by a black woman too as a means to do what, I dont know. Shame them for not letting their places of business get looted and burned?

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