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"Innovations by black farmers..."

Please, enlighten me.

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I’ll take ‘things that don’t exist for 500 Alex’

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They rip out all the irrigation lines looking for copper to sell so they can buy some Popeye's.

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This actually happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

Crops... You have to work for those. Copper pipes? You can sell those as scrap TODAY. Short-term thinking at its finest.

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This has happened in Zimbabwe, and South Apefrica so why the fuck would anyone believe it would happen elsewise here? Our dirt is no more magic than theirs.

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you want to stick toilet water?

on the plants?

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Waiting on the bridge post.

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What they mean when they say "sustainable" is niggers out in the field doing everything by hand. That's nigger "innovation." Coincidentally, nigger farming practices can't feed enough people to keep them from begging white farmers for food.

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Look at the two black ladies in the picture. They're both wearing large earrings. No one who actually works with their hands doing manual labor would dress or wear jewelry like that. Real farming is hard work. I bet those two wouldn't last a single day getting up at the crack of dawn to work the land even with all modern equipment that has been invented and refined by white people.

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We literally spend a month learning how one black farmer mashed up fucking peanuts, and then a bunch of "inventions" by black people which were really juat spins on inventions by white people.

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The truly incredible fact is that despite his many peanut related patents and inventions, he never actually thought to mash them up into a paste as had been done with many other nuts. Peanut butter was not invented by that nigger. A complete fabrication.

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One of those South American or Central American tribes beat him to that.

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reclaim their share

Also called theft.

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There is nothing innovative that they did. They were brought from west Africa which was not renowned for “innovative farming” and put to work in the fields of the US where they were TAUGHT how to farm by.....drum roll.....white people!!! The fact that they passed what they learned from slave to slave so massah didn’t get upset is called survival, not innovation.

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They had millions of acres of arable land that they did nothing with for thousands of years, and now they want to be farmers... but first they need to invent the wheel.

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they'd probably tuen it into clubs and ghettos or dump sites.

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This is the same bullshit (((they))) keep writing in South Africa. What's next farm murders?

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Well, they've already been killing whites at a higher rate than the average, so I guess it would be the next step.

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Next headline: das raccisss why my share doesnt grow anything, why u gibs me the part hat deosnt grow shit you racist bitch mothafuka.

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They took all the magic dirt, and left us the infertile parts!

Yes, they actually claim this in South Africa, that white people took 'all the best land'.

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Step 1: redistribute land to people who can't,/won't manage it properly.

Step 2: they lose/sell the land for a fraction of what the original owner had valued.

Step 3: (((corporate farms))) take possession.

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So basically what happened west of Texas with blm.

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No, what (((they))) did to the kulaks of the Ukraine during collectivization in the 1930's. aka Holodomor.

[–] HeavyBrain ago 

You can blame the whites again even though the picture of the owner is 2/3 nose and the boss that is barking at you is chinese.

[–] thepietaker ago 

(((corporate farms))) take possession

More like whites please come back

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It will be a jew corporate farm with a few whites employed to run it.

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Lol because that worked out SO well in Zimbabwe for them.

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Niggers aren't capable of abstract thought. They literally cannot conceive of the idea that things outside their immediate line of sight exist.

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And that those things may belong to somonelse.

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Niggers never practiced any sort of agriculture in Africa before the white man arrived.

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Yeah...I've been reading about colonization/decolonization of Africa lately. I admit I really didn't know mucn about it.

I was surprised to learn that most of Africa was untouched until about 1870. I had ignorantly assumed that Europeans had conquered it around 1500 like in the americas amd had ruled for 300+ or 400+ years. But aside from a few coastal cities and trading posts. And the boer farmers in the south, there really was no settlement or colonization for a very long time.

Also because africa was the last place to be colonized, it really wasn't ruled over for long. The European powers shifted towarddecolonizing after WW2, and some before that. So most of Africa was only colonized for about 70 years.

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Some parts, like Central African Republic, were never colonized. But hey, some French visited in the 1950s and 60s, surely that counts as 'oppression by the colonizer'!

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don't forget arab colonization

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How long was there trade with the Nigerians/Lagos?

I thought hundreds of years. Are they solely coastal?

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I don't think so, wasn't the Bantu expansion as a result of the spread of agriculture along with iron? Do you have a reference for your statement?

I wouldn't be surprised if African agriculture wasn't very advanced but I'm sure it happened. Only some groups like the Khoikhoi were known for being hunter-gatherers.

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Until the white man Africans harvested no crops or ever domesticated any animal.

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Their brains are not epigenetically adapted to agriculture, or anything that involves private property, or future planning. This trend is a failure waiting to happen

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They'll try to put niggers in charge of farming. Then they'll starve and play the race card because it couldn't possibly be the result of their own actions. Ebil wypipo must have poisoned the land before being forced to give it up.

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They will juat chalk that failure up to more racism.

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Racism isn't even real. It's best to use the anthropological term, "in group preference".

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Why did you use "epigenetically"? It's not the right term. Drop the epi, as histone rotation and methylation isn't passed down.

[–] toggafreggin ago 

You are correct. I was replying to multiple threads and got in a habit.

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epigenetically adapted to agriculture

I wish I could look deeper this.

Is it their lack of foresight?

Inability to observe and hypothesize cause and effect?


There are surely dozens if not thousands of gene expressions that create the inability to farm.

Could you aid me? Remove some of my ignorance?

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It's been taboo to study it. I'm speaking more from a theoretical, anthropologically based standpoint. r vs k selection, immediate return vs delayed return. I'm also factoring in years of experience and personal observation. It's impossible for me to give you a link that explains the bigger picture because we are on the darpanet, and every bit of truly relevant information that gets posted is immediately censored or politicized and memoryholed.

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The continental environment differences between Europe and Africa. It’s an evolutionary trait of intellect whites picked up. In Africa, it’s a desert zone (mostly acted as a barrier from Africa and Europe) and then the tropical zones where they live. Food is in constant abundance as they climate remains relatively the same all year round. Europe has temperature swings. So during the warms months, we had to plan our crop rotations and storage methods to survive through the winter.

I’m on a mobile right now but I’ll come back and give you an info dump on this if another Goat doesn’t beat me to it

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They're homo erectus + 600,000 years of selection favoring opportunism and violence. This is what you get.

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Their “share?”

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