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Who's the time traveling retard that went back to 1654 to take pictures of niggers before cameras were invented?

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They did have paper and charcoal to make a sketch.

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Black people were slaves doing slave work. They weren't citizens being forced into slavery, they were slaves being forced to be slaves. They dont deserve anything because they were doing what we brought them over to do. They got their reparations by being freed and allowing to stay and become citizens.

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Dat nose

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My thoughts exactly. No way that's a 100% negro.

[–] DavidsHogg ago 

That ain’t no nigger nose.

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People with social media accounts need to spread this far and wide.

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Keep in MIND, AFRICAN nigger slavers were FIRST. Europe had NO (purchased) slaves that I'm aware of at the time nigger slavery from Africa STARTED. and then, NONE of those slaves WENT to live in Europe either I think (ALL to colonies in America). the year it started was 1619.

[–] deadman3000 ago 

There should be a statue for this guy.